“No, we’re sorry. We can’t do it for you, but we can do it with you.”

That’s an answer we have to give to several callers a week. Though we don’t blame people for asking or hoping. After all, the treatment industry, like the diet industry, thrives on pretending that you can make major changes in your life effortlessly.

But think about it for just a minute. Do you really believe that you can end your alcohol problems without having to invest in yourself?

Reality? There are no magic wands, pixy dust, or silver bullets.

Nor are there miracle drugs or a magic location that will fix the problems while you relax on the beach or get a massage.

The best we can offer, and it’s the best offer there is, is that if you will work with us, invest in yourself, and hang in there through the first few weeks and months, we’ll work with you to see to it that your life is far better without the alcohol than it is with.

And you won’t be stuck with a lifelong “alcoholic”  label, being “in recovery”,  attending meetings, being “powerless” (quite the contrary), avoiding normal people and activities, and/or remaining an over-age adolescent.

So unless you want to keep on drinking while learning to manipulate and blame the people around you for your problems, you can skip 12 Step programs and treatments because that’s all you’re going to learn there.

Do you want a life or an excuse?

If your answer is a life, give us a call.

A Client’s Program Review:

“After hitting bottom and finding myself in a detox unit, I was spoon-fed the 12 step model of rehab from day one.  Not surprisingly as where I live that is the only alternative.  Shortly after 30 days and several relapses, I realized that this model was not going to work for me.

After much research on Non-12 step methods, my wife and I came across Drs. Barnes and Wilson.  I was intrigued by their approach of focusing on changing behavior and the amount of one-on-one counseling they provide, neither of which I received with the 12 Step rehab program.  My wife and I traveled to Los Angeles and accomplished goals that I never dreamed of with the 12 Step Program, in five days (as advertised) with regular follow-ups.  So well, if fact, my inside circle has called my progress “stunning”!!

Thanks Drs. Barnes and Wilson for giving me my life back!!”

Southeast, U.S.

Thank you!

Mary Ellen and Ed

End Notes:

A reader wrote asking for information on Naltrexone and Campral and here’s the link to our article reviewing these medications along with Antabuse: Abstinence Assisting Medications.

Another client wrote the following comment on last week’s article on program costs:

“You forgot to include the cost of the alcohol itself!!  I figure I spent at least $5,000 per year on chardonnay.  A two year ‘Return On Investment’ isn’t bad!!” – Ms. D.

And you can read her review of her work with us at: Client Program Review:

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