“But I can’t afford…”

A caller said what many do – “I can’t afford to spend the money to fix the problem.” Even though the “problem” is about to cost you your marriage and career and has already screwed up your mental and physical health?

If we were suggesting you spend $40,000 to $200,000 and 30 to 90 days on a program with a 5% chance of success we’d agree.

But we’re not. We’re suggesting 5 days on site ( “How Can You Cure My Years of Alcohol Abuse In Just 5 Days!” ), a total cost of under $10,000, and a better than 66% chance of succeeding!

You know what losing your job will cost, as well as what a divorce will add up to. Avoiding even the first DUI will save you $25,000.

And the medical costs – not to mention the depression, fights, self-hatred, depression, and general ill health? Well, you can calculate that too.

We agree that your alcohol abuse is a problem. But you shouldn’t have to mortgage your soul to get effective short term help (not a life long “loser” label), and you should have good reason to think the help you get will “work”.

And that’s what we provide. Good, effective, individual, confidential, empowering, help.

If that’s what you want then give us a call.

“Stop drinking alcohol on my own” is, according to Google, a search phase that has about ten visitors a day showing up on our website.

Is it possible?

Despite being in the business of helping people to end their alcohol abuse, we don’t mind telling that, yes, it is possible. In fact you’re anywhere from three to six times as likely to be success doing it “on your own” than by going to traditional treatment programs.

And working with us?

You’re chances of success are about three times as good as doing it “on your own” when you take advantage of our intensive short term help and, at least as importantly, you’ll save yourself the time it takes to figure it out on your own.

My own experience with stopping on my own over 20 years ago occurred before there was any real help available. Nothing but the same old failed Minnesota Model that still passes for treatment today.

Working alone, it took me about three years to put together what would work for me. Since then Mary Ellen and I have helped hundreds of clients design their own personal escape from alcohol abuse – and it doesn’t take months or years.

It takes just 5 Days here and 12 weeks of follow-up you can do with us from anywhere in the world by phone, Skype and/or e-mail.

Questions? Good! Give us a call and let’s start figuring out what will work for you!

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