Confidentiality & Our Alcohol Treatment Program

It’s a mistake to sacrifice your privacy!

In the scramble that precedes getting help with an alcohol related problem, it’s easy to forget about what happens afterwards. Leaving your alcohol abuse and dependence behind you isn’t the same as leaving your history behind.

Staffing matters!

Here you will only be working with Dr. Barnes and Dr. Wilson. Most other programs employ former clients, well meaning volunteers and other staff who can give in to the urge to gossip. Don’t let yourself be embarrassed, or worse, by risking the exposure you’re trying to avoid while taking care of your problem.

Groups fuel the gossip mill!

We don’t do groups either. Many of our clients have been to AA and other meetings and come away shocked by the public exposure. Residential treatment centers pose the same problem, or worse, to anyone who values their privacy, as everyone should. Think Lindsey Lohan and Dr. Phil.

Insurance is a very risky option!

Many clients ask about insurance and we have one policy. We don’t accept insurance because it puts a black mark on your permanent medical history. While medical records and our records are confidential, insurance records aren’t. Using insurance, even in those rare cases where it’s available, potentially compromises your ability to get any sort of insurance in the future. We don’t advise you to run that risk.

What happens here stays here!

We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and reputation now and in the future. You’ll never have to worry about running into other clients or having your future jeopardized by exposure. Your information stays under your control. Always and forever! Furthermore, we never share our email contacts with anybody and our phone records are also held in the strictest of confidence. Confidentiality is a very big deal to us.