“But I’ve been to the very best places….”

That’s what last week’s caller wailed and she rattled off a list of widely recognized “programs” around the country. Hazenden, Cirque Lodge, Passages, Sierra Tucson. And, if the accommodations and view and pampering are the criteria, then, yes, they are “the very best places”.

The trouble is that they are also all “disease” and “powerless” and/or cult based and they all have the same dismal 0% – 15% “success” rate, a rate that’s less than the “spontaneous remission” rate.

Yes, our clients have been to all of these places and dozens more from Betty Ford to the “best” hospital based outpatient programs, and come to us when every one of these 12 Step programs has failed them, as these programs fail almost everyone.

The research is clear and the outcomes are predictable. You can do it their way and fail, or you can do it your way and succeed. That’s right, YOUR way – the way we help you create and implement in your real life.

So if you’d like to save anywhere from $20,000 to $200,000, or more, and skip wasting 30 to 90 days, or more, and fix your problem privately and permanently, then, PLEASE, call and let us help you get it right whether it’s this time or the first time!

The “New Gold Standard”?

We just read another article stating that the “New Gold Standard” is 90 Days of residential treatment!!! Frankly that’s not a new idea and its emphasis on “Gold” is the part you should watch out for – yes, 90 days is the standard for maximum profit, but it has nothing to do with your success.

Where do these myths come from?

Interesting they come from the military model: take young vulnerable recruits, isolate them, terrify them, indoctrinate them against “normies”, and in 90 days irrepairably alter them.

Is that really what you want to have done to you? Even if it worked? (Which it doesn’t, over 95% of the time, given you aren’t a vulnerable 18 year old.)

Another business incentive for the 90 day standard is that it’s a lot easier to con one client into staying 90 days than it is to find 3 new clients at 30 days each – though as 30 days come to an end almost all programs will suddenly decide you aren’t ready and need to sign up for an extension.

It also postpones the realization that most programs don’t have enough actual relevant material to fill five hours, much less 90 days.

Time and time again we have clients tell us about walking out of treatment and realizing that they hadn’t gotten a single useful tool for their time and money.

Please, folks, the “industry’s” real “Gold Standard” is,  “Your check cleared,” and the help you’ll get comes down to, “Don’t drink, go to AA.”

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