Yes, we can help you leave your drinking problems behind, create a much better life, and create a present and future worth living. But we can’t do it for you, or to you.

No myth is more destructive that the idea that somehow you can go off to treatment and effortlessly leave your alcohol problems behind. You can’t – and saying so costs us business, but it also means that our clients succeed,

You don’t abuse alcohol because you are dumb or diseased or powerless. You abuse alcohol because it works!

Nothing is easier, more available, quicker, more effective, and legal, for easing anxiety, loneliness, boredom and a host of other discomforts than alcohol.
The trouble is the relief is very short term and it also prevents fixing these very same problems or developing the coping skills to address them.

Ending alcohol abuse means addressing the underlying causes and that requires changing various aspects of your day-to-day life. As with any behavior change, this also affects those around you, especially spouses or partners.

Yes, change is difficult, but it is also doable as we, our clients, and millions of individuals can attest.

What are the predictors of success? Motivation, supportive spouses or partners, good research-based short-term help, brief medical support, and the long-term incorporation of positive behaviors!

Predictors of failure? A belief in “powerlessness” and/or the “disease” model; joining AA or spouses joining Alanon; a continued focus on alcohol and all of the usual treatment traps that promote relapse – including the lie that they can “do it for you” or “to you”

They can’t – but we can do it with you and you can leave your alcohol focused life behind you once and for all!

It starts with just one call and a conversation with one of us – no hard sell, no marketing department, no pie-in-the-sky, and no scare tactics.

A Reader wrote:

“Dear Ed:
Would you mind sharing a side by side comparison with your facility and Passages in Malibu run by Chris And Pax Prentice?”

We were happy to provide the following:

Given it’s tough to know all of the details of Passage’s program – though we have had former Passage’s clients come here when that approach failed – we can say this:
Duration: Us – 5 days intensive + 90 or more days follow-up;
Passages: 30-90 days residential;

Cost:        Us: $8,750 + hotel, airfare;
Passages: $87,000 – $200,000;

Options:   Us: Abstinence/Moderation;
Passages: Abstinence;

Format:    Us: Individual / Confidential;
Passages: Group / public;

Basis:        Us: Research;
Passages: Personality Cult & Research;

“Success”: Us: 50%-70%*;
Passages: 10%-20%*;

“Success” is a very tricky term, especially in the treatment industry, or in AA itself for that matter (AA says that 50% of those who “really tried” succeed, but only 5% of AAers are considered to have “really tried” which means the historic 2%-3% effectiveness rate is the “real” one).

According to conversations with Passages staff and former clients, as well as their website, you are successful when they say you are – which isn’t a lot better than the typical Minnesota Model’s “was not noticeably intoxicated while in residence” or the more usual “your check cleared”.

Our definition is that the client has achieved the outcome or goal they said they wanted. That seems to us to be real success, not a ploy or evasion or cynical exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

So, if you’re looking for real success in achieving the outcomes you want, give us a call and let’s talk about the real options, odds, and research proven methods!

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