12 Step Tricks or Real Treatment? Which Are You looking For?

If  You Want Actual Treatment, Here’s How We’re Different From Every Other Program In The Country:

1.    You’ll benefit from help based on the actual research on how people eliminate or moderate destructive behaviors;

2.   You’ll have our help in attaining the outcomes you choose;

3.    Your spouse or significant other can be included;

4.   You will be assured of complete confidentiality;

5.   You will be treated as the individual you are – not as some diseased and powerless cult member;

6.   You will be assisted in establishing a new life free of alcohol abuse – not fobbed off on 12 Step or other groups that only guarantee relapse;

7.    You will be introduced to real support groups;

8.    You will acquire a host of new coping and living skills so that alcohol abuse is no longer your “go to guy”;

9.    You’ll regain your vote in family decision making;

10.   You’ll become an ex-alcohol abuser, not a “recovering alcoholic”.

Want a few more differences that all benefit you? Give us a call and we’ll expand the list to include the things unique to you and your situation.

So why are you waiting?

Anxiety! And More Anxiety! And!!!

We know that you know that:

No emotion is more effectively medicated with alcohol than anxiety, at least momentarily.

And the thought of giving up alcohol creates even more anxiety.

Then the thought of admitting the problem, even to yourself, ups the levels again.

The thought of talking to us? You guessed it. Even more anxiety.

And actually coming to us for help in sorting it all out and getting back a life? Enough to drive anyone to drink.

Yes, we know the progression down that road. The anxiety around the whole issue of alcohol and alcohol abuse, and getting help, usually just leads back to postponing fixing the problems and increasing our drinking.

Besides, you’ve done the research and know that “treatment” almost never works.

So what’s to be done?

We suggest you give us a call about the treatment options that do work – the ones that include all of the effective benefits we listed in this week’s lead article.

After all, people do successfully leave alcohol abuse behind, as well as tobacco and over-eating. Some of us leave all three behind. So why not benefit from all of the background, support, and research that actually does show what works and what doesn’t?

We don’t waste any time on the “12 Steps” but we do support taking that first “step” – making a call so we can discuss what’s possible for you and your life.

The Holidays are Upon Us!

This is the time of year when  you start deciding how to manage your alcohol “use” through the weeks ahead. We suggest that you may want to schedule some help now even if you want to postpone fixing the problem.

We do have our usual 5 Day Retreat format available, of course, but for those of you who want to take advantage of vacation times:

  • a very compressed Thanksgiving week schedule, November 22-24;
  • a “Vacation Special” December 27-31;
  • And, of course, the popular First Week In January, to get 2011 off to a good start.

For any of these annual offerings, or for other openings between now and then, call and reserve soon as weeks do tend to fill up.

Why not decide that the best gift for yourself, and those you love, really is a better life without alcohol abuse?

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