Holidays are coming…

When I was driving to San Diego on Friday I saw something that astonished me – A CHRISTMAS TREE LOT OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!!!

And of course the Halloween costume stores are open, as are the piles of pumpkins at every store in sight.

What’s it all mean?

That’s always a good question, but if you’re wrangling with an alcohol problem, your own or a family member’s, it means you are on the brink of the hardest time of year – a drinking season that will stretch from now through Super Bowl Sunday.

Whether you’re trying to convince yourselves or someone else, the “reasoning” will be the same:

“I couldn’t possibly stop before Halloween…” Then you’ll move through the litany of “I couldn’t possibly stop before… Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and the Super Bowl,” each holiday becoming more painful and all of them as predictable as they were last year and the year before and the year before.

“But this year it will be different!” you protest, knowing full well that it won’t – except maybe it’ll be even worse and you and your family will have lost another irreplaceable opportunity to actually enjoy the holidays – holidays you’ll actually remember.

Alternatives? Fix the problem now and over the next weeks. Work with us now and we’ll support and coach you all the way through the Super Bowl! And beyond!

Speaking of the Super Bowl – that Sunday is the busiest day of the year for us with web traffic and calls. Why? Because another spouse has finally had enough of one more drunken disaster of a holiday season and Super Bowl Sunday is the last straw.

We’d rather get other calls – those celebrating the real joys, values, fun, and events of all of these seasons.

Time to celebrate the victories in your life? Time to be a participant instead of a drunken spectator in your life and holidays?

We agree! Don’t spend 2011 just looking back and wishing you’d fixed it. Fix it now and spend 2011 living that far better life!

So whether you decide to fix the problem next week, next month, or for New Years, give us a call and book those 5 Days and let’s get started!

Ever Heard Of “Early Intervention”?

In the case of actual diseases we all know that early intervention minimizes the damage, improves the odds of full recovery, and reduces the time required to heal. So why don’t we hear about early intervention for curing alcohol abuse?

As usual, the mythology has gained the upper hand and we’ve been told that you have to “hit bottom” before you can be helped. If you have a weight problem would you really wait until you were 150 lbs. overweight, had diabetes, and were totally incapacitated before you fixed the problem?


As with most conditions, the sooner the problem is addressed the easier it is to fix, the less disruptive the process, the greater the number of positive outcomes (ie. abstinence or moderation), the higher the success rate, and the lower the cost (whether in $$$’s or health, marital, legal, or career problems).

Many of our clients have seen a problem developing and decided to head it off before the negative consequences began piling up. We work with you privately, confidentially, affordably, and effectively.

Isn’t it time to schedule that vacation and come to Southern California for a week and get a grip on this problem before it gets a firmer grip on you?

Come with your spouse or partner if you want – we encourage their participation – and put the worry, anxiety and fears to rest.

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