Responses to our closing the office at the end of October continue to come in.

Many of these emails are from former clients and can be summarized by the following example:

“Wow! Was I lucky or what? Thank you so much. I’m very happy you both have good things to look forward to. May you always be blessed.” – K. S.

Others have expressed concern as to whether or not the Newsletters will continue as they appreciate the truly anonymous support.

To all of you, whether you wrote or not, we can say that we’re very pleased at the outpouring of appreciation for both our work with you and our on-going support, sometimes across years as well as miles.

As for the Newsletters, I anticipate a break after ten years but expect to resume publication with our current mailing list after we have settled into our new lives after the first of the year.

In the meantime, there is still time to take advantage of the work we have done so successfully with so many or, if you need to schedule a “refresher.”

Yes, much is happening here but there’s no reason to forego the opportunity that still available for another two months. Why not take this opportunity to give yourself and your loved ones an early holiday present?

No more worrying about how you’re going to get through the festivities, where you’ll hide the wine, beer and/or booze, how you’ll keep people from knowing (trust us, they already know), how to manage the hangovers and depression, and how to quit pretending that hanging out with drunks is the only fun way to spend the holidays?

You would be surprised to learn how much you have forgotten about fun, kids, grandchildren, friends, reading, movies, sex, and a couple of dozen more things that got lost in the alcoholic fog.

Let us help you clear the frost off your eyes and begin to see again?

One call, 13 weeks, a vanishing opportunity. (310) 541-6350

We Had a Call…

One woman responded to our announcement by deciding she’d better reserve a week before we closed up the shop.

She called, asked about two different dates, then said she’d call right back as soon as her husband got home and she coordinated schedules.

We knew then that she probably wasn’t actually going to appear.

Over the years we’ve become familiar with those who read and occasionally call but don’t actually want to do anything. It’s like going to AA or Alanon – it’s pretending to do something about a problem they don’t actually want to fix or are afraid to fix.

It may also be about pretending to do something about a problem your spouse doesn’t want you to fix.

As odd as that may seem, many spouses are happy to collude with you to keep you drinking because of all of the benefits they get from it. They get control. They never have to address their own issues. They get to be the “good guys” to children and everyone else. We’re sure you can make your own list.

Of course, this isn’t universal. Most spouses would welcome the end of the drinking merry-go-round.

For others you’re a cherished drinking buddy they don’t want to lose (which is why we do have a couples’ program).

And some of you drinkers are just passively escaping an intolerable marriage.

Whatever your personal situation is, we’re like the insurance ad, we’ve seen it, addressed it, helped fix it, and let you get a grip and get a life. Don’t let this last opportunity slip by and be dissolved in yet another Halloween to Super Bowl orgy of embarrassment and hiding.