New Alternative Alcohol Treatment Approaches for Men

Virtually all current treatment for men’s alcohol abuse and alcoholism is based on the generally ineffectual AA/12 Step model. Even when alternatives are offered they still tend to be based on a “disease” model which isn’t applicable for over 85% of the men looking for some sort of help with their alcohol abuse. The first [...]

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Gender Differences: A Significant Factor In Non 12 Step Alcoholism Treatment

By Dr. Ed Wilson Men’s Issues Are Different There are fundamental differences between men and women when it comes both to alcohol use and treating alcohol abuse. Even when the underlying problems are the same the cure may not be. Basically, most men need to learn to slow down without using alcohol – while most [...]

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Effective Outpatient Alcohol Treatment In Los Angeles, California

By Dr. Ed Wilson Where did it all go wrong? Looking back, you know there wasn’t any particular point in time when your wife began turning to alcohol instead of you. In reality, there usually aren’t any dramatic shifts or major events, just a slow erosion, distancing, and change. The drinking increases in amount, it [...]

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