Misusing Alcohol, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, and 12 Step Programs That Can’t Tell the Difference.

A decade ago, presenters at the “New Perspectives” conference on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, noted at least 85% of all clients seeking help with alcohol abuse are being misdiagnosed and mistreated at virtually all of the treatment programs across Canada, the U.S., and Australia. How is this possible? The problem is that 95% of these [...]

Moderating Alcohol Abuse: An AA Alternative Approach In Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment

By Dr. Ed Wilson and Dr. Mary Ellen Barnes The Answer Isn’t the One You Expected to Hear… Did you know that the real research has shown that many “alcoholics” actually return to moderate drinking every year? If you think about your own friends and acquaintances you’ll probably remember any number of them who went [...]

Beyond 12 Steps

By Maia Szalavitz for MSN Health & Fitness Although addiction and alcoholism treatment research has advanced tremendously since Alcoholics anonymous was founded in 1935, many people do not know that equally effective alternatives to 12-step programs exist-nor do they know how to find them. In popular culture, AA is often portrayed as the only way. [...]

Finding The Alcoholism Treatment Program That’s Right For You: AA and 12 Step Alternatives

By Dr. Ed Wilson and Dr. Mary Ellen Barnes Do You Want A Life Long Disease And Label And To Be In Recovery Forever? Your first decision will be based on how you decide to view yourself and your relationship with alcohol. 95% of all U.S. treatment programs follow the AA/12-Step, so-called “Minnesota Model.” The [...]

Native Americans: Alcohol Abuse and Treatment

A colleague recently asked me for my opinion of the applicability of the “disease model” of alcoholism with regard to Native Americans. I knew she asked partly because my adopted children are Inyupik, from alcohol devastated families in northwestern Alaska, but also because I have worked with non-traditional ways of combating alcohol abuse for over [...]

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New Perspectives on Alcohol Treatment

We recently returned from a conference on alcohol treatment called “New Perspectives.” The conference, hosted by Edgewood treatment center in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, was, indeed, as advertised. Presenters echoed the same theme: the usual methods of “treating” alcohol abuse and dependence don’t work. While this isn’t news to some of us who’ve looked [...]

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