While You’re Reading This I am Following My Own Advice…

This is Newsletter #416 and I haven’t missed a week since #1 came out on September 15, 2008 – 8 years ago.

I can’t believe it.

I started out thinking maybe I had enough to say to send out 5 or 6. But 416? Never.

Granted the subject matter can be a bit repetitious but I have never recycled a previous issue nor failed to appreciate the questions, suggestions, and comments you have generously shared over the years.

Those acknowledgments made, I only want to add that if you are reading this on Sunday morning, September 11, I am asleep somewhere between Anchorage and Los Angeles, having decided it was time for a visit home to Alaska.

I also decided that for my week off, I could simply write a thank you to all of you readers, former and current clients, future clients, and those of you who are simply looking to understand alcohol abuse and its remission.

Ed Wilson, Ph.D., Program Director
Your Empowering Solutions, Inc.