This will be an exceedingly short Newsletter.

As we begin our own transition time, we are going to ask your assistance. By way of illustration, when clients’ spouses, partners, friends, family, employers, and other ask how to be supportive, we always answer, “Ask!

And whatever they say, believe them!”

Now it’s our turn to ask, “What would you find helpful and supportive? What do you wish we provided? How can we help you access good assistance?”

And we will listen, believe you, respond, and attempt to comply with your suggestions and requests.

This is your chance to help us help you, and so many others looking for appropriate, empowering, confidential, effective, short term help.

Just email me at and Mary Ellen and I will do our utmost to design upgrades and changes to match your requests.

And your thoughts are?

Please don’t be intimidated or think that your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns are too minor to matter. We are a very small program, but what we do does matter to people like yourself. And we are also small enough to listen, learn and respond.

Doubts? Re-read last week’s Newsletter. All of those comments and wishes are in the hopper. Please let us add yours as well.

Thank you with all sincerity – and as my freshman geology professor noted, “any question, comment or observation, no matter how silly, inane, or embarrassing you may think it is, is shared by at least 40% of the people sitting here.” Be their hero and ask or comment for them too.