Thank You!

Your response to last week’s newsletter, Find the Courage to Take a Scary Leap, was overwhelming with many of you feeling that it was the best Newsletter ever.

What was even more revealing was the number of you who are former clients who wrote wishing that you had read that advice long ago. Yes, you noted, it would have prompted you to take that “leap” sooner and you’d have lost fewer years in the process.

That’s a very good point.

Let’s remember that time is the only finite resource we have. How much of your own allotment do you want to let evaporate while you medicate loneliness, boredom, old hurts, past events, abusive relationships, aging, and a dozen other conditions?

“Putting in time waiting to die,” as another of you put it.

No, the past is just that, and you can live in it, or you can let it go and see what the present holds.

Another reader wrote to express how much better she felt having left an oppressive job, begun pursuing interests of her own she’d never taken the time for, and left a parasitic boyfriend behind – all conditions she had been medicating with copious amounts of alcohol.

For most of us, medicating becomes a way of procrastinating. We know we should, but…..

Or we wish we could jump ahead 6 months or a year to the life we envision without going through the effort and uncertainty change requires.

And so we burn up more time, watch our situations become ever more intolerable and oppressive, see our options narrow, and increase our drinking to compensate.

Maybe it would be a good time to reread Find the Courage to Take a Scary Leap?

And then consider the following article as creating a jumping off place.

Your Medical, Financial, and Legal Status – Just What are They?

It is surprising how few people actually know what their medical, legal and financial status actually is. Men are especially bad at monitoring medical information, establishing baselines, getting routine tests and so on. Women are frequently just as bad at financial awareness. We all tend to be terrible at proactively managing our legal affairs.

How many of you have a will? Or a donor card? Or final directives? Or know your rights in the case of a death or divorce? Or what you net worth and credit rating are? Or…

That’s what we thought.

But unless you know these things, how can you expect to make informed decisions?

Or how can you reduce anxiety if you don’t know anything, which is in itself a source of anxiety?

“But if I make a will I’ll die!” you protest. And if you don’t you won’t? Who do you know that that’s worked for?

So we all end up with a large number of uncertain issues of some importance that we are evading because somehow “knowing” will make “it” worse. Or “it” won’t be real as long as we don’t acknowledge it. Or we won’t have real options, which justifies staying stuck, as long as we don’t know about them.

And you wonder why you’re drinking too much?

Stopping alcohol abuse isn’t just a matter of quitting drinking – it’s a matter of taking back control of your life, emotions, self-respect, and your future. Do that and the drinking will go away or moderate back to normal.

Avoid addressing the underlying problems with willful ignorance and no collection of meetings, tokens, trinkets, and platitudes are going to salvage the upcoming years.

Think about it?

Need help sorting, systematizing, prioritizing, and completing? We do know how to do that with you.

So call. No pressure, no marketing, no demands, no humiliation, no demeaning, no labels. Just you and talk to one of us of us, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific time every day of the year unless we are otherwise engaged. In that case, just leave a number and we’ll get back to you within a couple of hours. Promise.