No, I can’t do anything for you or to you that’s going to fix your alcohol problem. However…

I can work with you to support you in fixing your problem and keeping it fixed.

Yes, I know – almost everyone else claims they can do it for you and all in comfort while you enjoy a spa-like experience in Malibu, Tucson, Lindstrom, Mn. – Lindstrom, MN? – or 1,000 other places.

For you? Which is why you need to keep coming back – again and again and again – which is the business plan. They don’t need a treatment plan, that’s just AA plus AA plus AA and then a little more AA.

(That was marketing genius – selling you AA which is available for free at a church basement  near you – and which has never worked for more than 10% of those who tried it so you’ll have to keep coming back.)

But suppose you do want to fix the problem – not just pretend to in order to placate the spouse, employer, judge, etc. – what’s that look like?

I suggest fixing it with you because your alcohol habit is based on circumstances unique to you, as will be your solution. No one else has the same family, spouse, job, problems, medical issues, financial condition, habits, preferences or desires you have. Your age, location, and 100 other circumstances are yours alone. Just maybe you need and deserve an equally unique solution.

Drink because you’re bored, lonely, angry, anxious, or frustrated?????
Lonely? Learn to develop a social life that doesn’t involve bars, clubs, and alcohol.

Angry? Learn to be more assertive and create boundaries that keep you from being stepped on and used/abused.

Anxious? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a learned skill for managing your emotions – not having them manage you.

Frustrated? Learn to get out of your own way…

That’s just the icing. There is plenty of cake to internalize so you can fend off alcohol, AA, and all the people who ignorantly think it’s the only way.

Talk about it? The first consult is free. On-going sessions are reasonable and most clients only need 12 – 18, sometimes fewer.

Ready? I know. Not really. But that too can be a good intro: why aren’t you ready?