What are your real priorities?

Most of us can rattle off a set list of our supposed priorities:

My partner;
My children;
My parents;
My health;
My financial condition;
My career.

Many of us will include “all of the above.”

Few will include “my drinking.”

How do we separate our real ones from the ones we tell ourselves? It’s not that difficult. For one week, track how much time spent doing whatever it is you do.


Time is our most limited resource. Where we spend it is an excellent measure of how much that activity matters to us. Therefore we keep two sets of books: what matters and what we say matters.

None of us need to think too hard to uncover our duplicity:

How many hours of TV?
How many hours online?
Hour many hours drinking?
How many hours recovering from drinking?

Both lists can be expanded and no two people’s will be the same. But even a few minutes spent compiling will reveal the disparity between what we say and do as well as giving a beginning map of how to merge the two lists.