It’s been a strange few months here in western PA. Dec, Jan, and Feb are all record-breaking months for the least snow and the highest average temperatures. Not much rain either. It seems we are dwelling in this “donut hole” where nasty weather passes north and south of us, ends to the west and resumes to the east.Given my immobility, I am not complaining. I suppose that I could grumble about missing out on “doing stuff” but I’m feeling too sore to work up much enthusiasm for that


What is your status?

With some 500 regular readers, I know some of the categories. Many of you are former clients who read as support or just to stay in touch. Others are professionals looking for suggestions. Quite a few of you are using reading to pretend you are doing something about your problem, whatever it is.

Those of you in the latter category are the people who pay therapists for sessions covering years without any changes required. In my case you can read and pretend for free – as about half of you seem to.

No, I’m not kidding. About 80% of therapists’ (psychologists, counselors, etc) clients pick a provider specifically because they won’t be required to actually do anything – which explains why my appointment book to usually pretty empty, I actually require that you do things to make the changes you say you want. – which also works for me because I only work with thpse of you serious about and capable of change.

But for this month I going to skip writing suggestions and none of us need to pretend. Or you can make a liar out of me and call? Either way works for me.