You’ll Never Recover by Following the Steps

There’s a reason they call in “being in recovery.” That’s because if you choose, or are bullied or conned into doing what “everyone knows” you will never recover. At best you will stay a “dry drunk” for the rest of your days which is what a person “in recovery” actually is.

But suppose you just want to move the misuse of alcohol into something you once did but have now left behind?

That means that you will have to celebrate your individuality, differences, skills, experience, strengths, interests, and abilities. You’ll need to mobilize your personal resources, learn about and expand your expectations, engage in your unique life, and grow! Shrinking yourself to fit the “alcoholic” mold and AA’s cult agenda isn’t going to work for you – not that it does for many.

Callers will ask why we only take one new client – or couple – a week and why we never do groups. Given your situation, and what you bring to the table, we can only focus on one person, or, again, couple, at a time.

Groups? The supposed optimum size for a therapy group is 12. But if you’re mixed in with 12 strangers, what are the chances you’ll be willing to talk about your actual issues, motivations, and desired outcomes? Can we suggest zero?

And in that group of 12, just how much individual attention do you think your situation would get even if you were brave enough to bring it up? Pretty much zero once again, and any attention you did get would be designed to force you back into the group mold of “powerless alcoholic” which is very rarely true (oh, I forget, you can also be an “alcoholic in denial” which is what AA labels those who abuse alcohol or have someone else suggest they are – think child custody disputes or rehab programs conning, intimidating, and blackmailing people into their ineffectual offerings).

Marketers have also suggested we could double the number of clients merely by working with them individually instead of with our unique team approach.

They’re right from a cash flow measure, but not from a client outcome perspective. Dr. Barnes and I have differing backgrounds, histories, and skill sets, not to mention the obvious gender difference. That means you benefit from a combination of our training and experience. It also means that if you are working with us as a couple, you avoid the triangulation that dooms nearly all couple’s counseling to failure.

You and your situation and circumstances are unique. Don’t you think you deserve the best, most efficient, and most effective – as well as the least disruptive – services available?

We do, and have designed our work with you accordingly.

It’s Interesting How Some of You Find Us.

Occasionally we discover new ways in which perspective clients find our website. One of these came to light recently when the respected website Rehab Reviews posted a very positive and comprehensive review of our work.

An unusually well-written summary, the only note of importance they missed was the issue of confidentiality, which we don’t think is a minor concern if you are a licensed professional, have security clearances, ever aspire to such, or wish to buy health or life insurance either now or in the future. Being branded an “alcoholic” – which all 12 Step rehabs do – will dog you for the rest of your life.

So will using insurance which requires a code identifying you as “alcohol dependent”, which is not covered by HIPPA privacy rules, and whose providers routinely trade and sell your information.

There is also the matter of the effects of being branded an alcoholic. Since everyone “knows” all of the myths AA has indoctrinated our society with, you will constantly be forced to fight these as friends, family, associates and others apply 12 Step dogma to your every action.

These include “you can never drink again,” “you can never recover,” “you will never be normal and must stay away from normal people,” and a host of other completely “truths” which are not only unfounded but totally refuted!

So, please, don’t saddle yourself with labels and cult dogma which will handicap you and your decision making for the rest of your life.

We think you deserve better. Don’t you?