It’s Magic in Malibu!!!!!

“The Magical Part: There is a quality about ****** that words simply cannot convey. After you have been at ****** a few days, you will most likely say what many of our clients say: “This is the best thing I ever did for myself.”
Magic and magical, words you hear around treatment centers across the country. As if recovering from alcohol abuse were some mystical process based on locations, views, fine dining, beach walks, equine “therapy”, and secrets known only to those “in recovery”.

And you hear about the magic of the winds blowing through the palms, the spruce, the maples, or the canyons.

Where the magical winds actually blow is through the empty spaces between these people’s ears.

Yes, we all want the magic that’ll take away the problem without us having to do anything beyond soaking up the sun and playing with the horses. But for better or worse, no such “fix” exists and paying for “magic” doesn’t make it happen.

Yes, you are welcome to buy the magic, just as you can still buy Laetrile to treat cancer. Both have about the same effectiveness and are still sold by the same sort of folks who want you to invest in their various revolving door treatment schemes.

But what if you actually want to fix your problem?

It isn’t like people don’t know what actually works: CBT, Naltrexone, Motivational Enhancement; Nutrition; Exercise; Assertiveness Training; Developmental Psychology; Couples’ Counseling, and a few other things. All in the right proportion to address your specific situation.

So why aren’t treatment centers using the tried and true?

  •     Doing what works requires staff with actual skills and experience;
  •     Doing what works is expensive;
  •     Doing what works hurts the relapse rate (currently about 80%-100% for AA/12 Step based programs);
  •     Doing what works cuts profits;
  •     Doing what works…

Well, you get the picture.

So, if you want actual help, if you want to fix the problem quietly and effectively, if you want to leave your alcohol abuse behind, if you want to succeed, then it’s time to give us a call and get the very short term and confidential help you actually need.

We’ll work with you, design the combination of things that will work, guide you through the change process, help you get a life, and you’ll never have to look back.

No labels, no “steps”, no powerlessness, no diseases, no meetings, no dumb slogans, no cheap trinkets, no regrets.

And it won’t cost you 90 days and $200,000 either.

Someone was listening….

Every year, starting about now, a few brave individuals take a look at their calenders, decide a better time to deal with their alcohol abuse isn’t going to appear by magic either, and give us a call.

One did so last week and booked a week in December.

Before 2012 rolls around others of you will call and book a week in November or December or you’ll book the first week or two in January.

Those of you on school and university schedules will look at the week before Christmas or the week after, when you can use vacation time without ratting yourself out.

Others of you will book a time when a vacation in S. California doesn’t surprise anyone.

Others will decide that cleaning up your act will be a nice holiday gift to everyone, yourself included.

And, finally, others of you decide there isn’t going to be any “right” time so you might as well call, schedule, and get your show on the road.

We don’t care why you’ve decided to schedule your transformation for a particular time, just that you’ve made the move away from “contemplation hell” to action.

Isn’t it time to begin enjoying a real life and not suffer through another year of Thoreau’s “lives of quiet desperation?”

Odds and Ends

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