How to quit drinking on your own…

This is a very common search phrase that has people coming to our website. The important points here are understanding exactly what you want and what you need.

First, we assume you don’t want to join AA, go “off to treatment” for 30, 60, or 90 days, or label yourself a diseased alcoholic loser for the rest of your life.

Second, we also assume you’d like to be able to assemble the best collection of tools for overcoming your alcohol abuse as effectively as possible. Who wouldn’t?

Given those two concerns it seems like an analogy might be helpful.
If you wanted to lose weight “on your own” you’d probably read, maybe ask your doctor for some advice, visit a few gyms, and think about changing some daily habits.

Eventually you might join a gym and even go a few times. The trouble is, you don’t know how to use a gym, or manage your diet, or even who to ask.

Pretty soon you give up, say “that didn’t work”, and fall back into wishing you could find something that worked. Until, maybe, you hired a good trainer instead.

When it comes to ending alcohol abuse this is where we come in. We’re the short term help you need, to find and coordinate the mosaic of tools and activities that will actually work for you – a mosaic that DOES NOT include AA, demeaning labels, or fictitious lifelong diseases.

Quitting on your own simply means hiring some short term help to design your personal solution. Then you leave your alcohol abuse, and us, behind. For good.

Quit on your own? Absolutely. People who do so – our clients among them – are ten to fifteen times more successful than those who join AA or go off to traditional treatment!

So give us a call and let us help you assemble the tools you need to successfully become an ex-drinker without all of the baggage “they” want to saddle you with. Instead of calling yourself names, you can be proud of having overcome a difficult problem and gotten on with your much improved life.

Here it is October and the beginning of the “Holiday Excuse Season”…

That’s right – now’s the time of year when we start saying, “well, I’ll fix it after Halloween,” which turns into, “I’ll fix it after Thanksgiving,” and then “after Christmas,” then “after New Years,” then “after the Super Bowl” then “after Aunt Mary’s funeral…”


We all do it, whether it’s weight loss, drinking, or any other change we only sort of want to make. Remember high school? And breaking up with our boy or girl friend? Can’t do that before Thanksgiving, all the way through the prom and graduation.

But with alcohol abuse there is no “graduation” to rescue us. If we want to fix it, we’re going to have to step up enough to actually break up with our friend the bottle.

That said, why not make this the year that you give yourself and the others you care about the gift of a life?

Figure out the time that suits, call and reserve your week, have holidays that you not only will remember but that will be memorable in the best sense, not the worst.

Let 2011 be the year you left alcohol abuse behind – the year you got a grip and got a life.

And you did it without labels, “steps”, AA, and all of the other negative, demeaning, and life choking nonsense that most of us have come to associate with giving up alcohol.

Ex-smokers are proud of quitting. Those of us who are ex-alcohol abusers are proud that we left that activity behind without a bunch of trinkets, slogans, meetings, and other B.S.

You, too, can be proud that you defeated a very tough adversary and you did it your way. Give us a call and let’s start mapping out exactly what your way is. It’s what we do.

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