First, let us warn you that this Newsletter is only meant for those of you who actually do want to end your alcohol abuse. To that end it’s brutally honest.


Still here?

Good – now take a minute and relax. Drop your shoulders and take a couple of deep breaths.

Now that you’re a bit more settled, there are two reasons why you haven’t yet fixed your drinking problem.

The second one is the real shocker so let’s start with the first one:


Yes, you’ve occasionally cut back – even stopped for a month or sixty days, or even a year. Maybe you went to a few AA meetings. But you haven’t figured out how to create the day-to-day life you want and still escape alcohol’s allure, ease, and, let’s face it, comfort.

Your alcohol misuse, right now and through the holiday season, is the clearest reflection of your failure to create a satisfactory life without alcohol.

Your drinking is a reflection of:

  • how bored you are;
  • how anxious you are;
  • how lonely you are;
  • how miserably you spend your time;
  • how inactive you are, and, ultimately,

You can’t end your drinking until you change how you’re living and you have to like your new way of living better than your current one.

Many of you keep on drinking because you can’t believe that you’ll actually be happier without the alcohol than with. No matter how unhappy you are, it still looks better than AA, which it usually is.

Okay, now let’s move along to that other disturbing reason you haven’t quit drinking:


We know you’re always saying you do – or at least you’re telling your spouse, family, doctor, judge, employer, and anyone else who’s voiced some concern, that you want to quit, but…..

Realistically, you might not want to quit because you use drinking to hide, to punish yourself and others, to reward yourself, to fit in, and so on, but, really, most likely it’s because you’re scared.

We’ll prove this to you if you will just answer one question.

Imagine that you actually managed to quit drinking, or you have managed for a period, what’s your biggest fear?

  • That you’ll go back to it?
  • That you’ll never again enjoy the “benefits” of drinking?
  • That you’ll be stuck forever in depressing meetings?
  • That you’ll be an “alcoholic” loser for the rest of your life?

Let us summarize all of these fears for you. You’re afraid that you’ll end up with a life that’s even worse without alcohol than it is with.

If that’s the case then you should know that that’s exactly what virtually everyone fears. Especially those of us who’ve been to AA or “rehab” or most any other form of treatment. Treatment that was supposed to make your life better, but instead made it much much worse.

BUT! Really quitting drinking isn’t about lowering your standards – it’s about RAISING your standards and demanding a BETTER LIFE!

And the truth is that it isn’t easy, but it is absolutely worth it!

Finally, it’s also true that it is much quicker to learn from someone who has the answers than it is to muddle your way through years of half-hearted and failed attempts.

So if you want to leave the drinking behind, regain your self-esteem, take back control of your life, reassert your vote in your family, and enjoy life once again, why not let us help?

Enough heavy, already!

Okay, lightening up just a bit, you can have a happier, easier, longer, and more enjoyable life without the alcohol abuse.

Former clients report:

  • feeling good all day (yes, even in the morning);
  • a renewed and expanded sex life;
  • actually reading a book;
  • enjoying a vacation;
  • remembering;
  • enjoying food;
  • and a dozen other benefits…

What would you like to report in six months?

We’re want to hear that report, and it won’t take half a year for the benefits to start piling up.


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