While we were on Vancouver Island we decided to visit the Avatar Grove we’d read about. Then we set out to see the “gnarliest tree” in Canada. Mary Ellen took the picture of the “trail” shown above.

That’s right – roots, rocks, a 45+ degree slope, and bits of surveyor’s tape to guide us.

We did make it without serious mishap, and we did stumble upon a number of unexpected sights including this one:


We are sure you can use your imagination, too.

At the end of the morning, thankfully back at our car without injury, we noted that the hike was a pretty good metaphor for life in general, or for leaving alcohol behind in particular.

As with the trail, there’s not a lot to guide you, it looks hard (and sometimes is), but if you put in the effort there are also unexpected rewards and a sense of accomplishment.

As we helped and motivated each other in getting though to the grove, so too will we help you find your own way up the path, to the unexpected, and to a more interesting life.

It all starts with a free phone consultation.

“Just 5 Days?”

Most of us at some point have been brainwashed into thinking that “rehab” or “treatment” takes at least a 30 day stint. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you look at treatment program websites you will notice that none of the information has anything to do with actually helping you fix the problem — it’s all about the setting, the luxury accommodations, the “magic of the palms” or the waves, or the beaches, and so on.

There ‘re also, occasionally, references to “equine therapy” (playing with horses), “ropes courses” (playing with knots), and even “helio-therapy” (riding in the helicopter), but absolutely nothing about what actually works.

You will also see that virtually all of the sessions are group sessions and, digging deeper, that “group session” is code for an AA meeting.

All filler, no substance.

For this you’re paying tens of thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands, of dollars?

We, on the other hand, are the “all substance, no filler” option. 3 to 4 hours a day of our undivided attention, individuals and couples only, and all of the things that actually work. After 5 days of that, there is 12 weeks of supportive scheduled and unscheduled follow-up with us.

No one else offers individual or couples treatment.

No one else offers confidential treatment.

No one else supports you as you make the necessary changes in your day-to-day life.


You don’t need to expose yourself by disappearing for weeks or months.

You don’t need to demean yourself by “admitting” to a false “powerlessness.”

You don’t need to waste time and money on filler and trappings.

What you need is actual short term help and a little on-going support as you leave alcohol abuse behind.

Yes, 5 days, the physician’s consultation, and 12 weeks of follow-up is enough.

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