Just how do we work with “couples?”

A section of our website is devoted to Treatment for Couples and we wanted to elaborate a bit further since there are several variations:

  • A couple where one drinks and the other enables;
  • A couple where both drink;
  • A couple where one drinks and the other has different related issues.

The first example is the one we most commonly see and the involvement of the non-alcohol abusing spouse can range from none to total at the client’s discretion. This incurs our standard $8,750 fee for the 5 Day Intensive, physician’s eval of the client, and 12 weeks of follow-up with the client.

In the second and third examples each spouse or partner receives a full eval, physician’s visit, and their own 12 weeks of follow-up. Each also receives extended individual time during the 5 Day Intensive portion of the program This “double” program runs $12,750.

As always, of course, you are free to decide whether or not you want additional time and/or involvement. Again, since we only work with individuals and couples, customization is always the model.

Notice that no one else even has a couple’s option, nor are they able to provide one even if they wanted to.

Remember, working together significantly enhances outcomes for both of you – up to 70% success!

And the price is right, too. To put both of you through any other program would run anywhere from $40,000 – $130,000 with successful outcomes well below 15%.

Why not call and discuss a personalized package that addresses both of your needs, wishes, and possibilities?

What’s keeping you from calling?

This question applies to everyone, clients, former clients, future clients, interested spouses, and so on. What does keep people from calling?

Many of you, clients or former clients, are embarrassed to call about glitches, lapses, and problems even though these are perfectly normal and usually easily addressed.

If you’ve never talked to us you may be afraid of being pressured but it doesn’t happen. It’s just talking about your situation with either Mary Ellen or me and discussing possible options.

Really – if you don’t want to be here, that’s fine with us.

What we really want is the chance to provide you with accurate, research based, effective information so that you can decide what’s in your best interest.

That’s right. So you can decide.

We don’t believe that you are in denial or that you are a child who needs the protection of a cult.

We believe you are a competent, capable, adult who can learn to use your intelligence, skills, and good humor to redirect your focus away from alcohol abuse and on to a happier life.

That process, if you want it, is just as friendly, personal, private, and non-threatening as every phone call is with us.

So whether you’re negotiating a rough patch, affirming success, seeking additional information, or wondering how to manage a family situation, we’re here, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Pacific time, every day of the week.

Just call!

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