Happy Birthday from Google to Me…

Today is my birthday and last week Google sent an early present, a new algorithm that screwed up our Internet listings for a week.

In the bad old days that probably would have sent me scrambling for my vodka bottle(s) and several packs of cigarettes and into a two week funk.

These days, and for over 25 years, that isn’t even a temptation (well, okay, I did do a one day funk).

How did I make the change from then to now?

Mostly I did what we help you do — I created a life that suited me. A life I don’t want to give up in exchange for a few hours of temporary relief from the normal ups and downs of life.

That’s right. NORMAL!

That is, after all, how you put alcohol abuse and “alcoholism” behind you – you create a new “normal” that doesn’t include drinking as the sum total of you social, recreational, sexual, and private life.

Imagine that.

As for Google? Well, for their benefit, I’ve changed the name of the Newsletter to comply with their new rules. Otherwise, it’s just us doing what we’ve always done.

And you can start doing what you haven’t done, at least not in a long time, by calling:

Toll Free From Across the U.S. or Canada: 888-541-6350
Internationally or in the Los Angeles Area: 760-580-5758

AA, 12 Step, and Alanon Alternatives

When you seek help for your alcohol problems, or a family members alcoholism, you’ll usually be told “Don’t drink; go to AA” or “Go to Alanon”.

Indeed, if you go off to “rehab” that’s what you will be told is the follow-up program and that’s one of the many reasons these programs fail 95% of the time.

Happily, for you, there are alternatives to AA, Alanon, and the 12 Steps that actually do work.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Self-Empowerment works far better than “admitting to being powerless” and can be accomplished without meetings or being “in recovery” for ever and ever. In fact, being “in recovery” is what stands in the way of most people’s actual recovery.

That’s right – AA, the 12 Steps, and Alanon actually prevent recovery while the AA alternatives not only allow, but promote full recovery and a return to leading a normal life.

What are the alternatives?

  • Short Term Intensive Counseling;
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT);
  • Assertiveness Training;
  • Motivational Enhancement;
  • Mindfulness;
  • Naltrexone Support;
  • Diet;
  • Exercise.

And a few other things, all of which we provide, in a mix custom tailored to you and your situation.

Is it any wonder that the alternatives offer a 70% success rate compared to the “same old, same old” 5%?

But it is your choice, and fixing the problem, for real, does begin with just a call:

Toll Free From Across the U.S. or Canada: 888-541-6350
Internationally or in the Los Angeles Area: 760-580-5758

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