“Mindfulness” — Another Effective Alternative To AA

What’s “mindfulness”? As with most buzz words it’s another variation on “self-awareness,” but what it actually comes down to is PAYING ATTENTION!

That’s right — paying attention, mostly to yourself, and what you’re using alcohol for.

That’s easier said than done. Generally speaking, we drink in order to avoid paying attention, to decrease self-awareness, to take the edge off our “lives of quiet desperation” that Thoreau noted most of us live.

Unlike AA, which orders you to “fake it til you make it,” or “keep it simple, stupid” and never ever pay attention to your actual life, we suggest that you do what works to cure your alcoholism and abuse.

Yes, the alternative to “mindlessness” really is “mindfulness” and you are, after all, a smart man or woman who’s interested in running your own life, not in being powerless.

Yes, you’re going to be a lot happier learning how to do that rather than sitting around meetings listening to endlessly repetitive “war stories” that have nothing to do with you.

That’s where we come in — we do know how to help you develop awareness, assertiveness, and a bit of courage and motivation. Why not call and talk to us about it?


Few people understand the risks they take when they sign up for typical treatment programs – programs that offer no confidentiality whatsoever and will expose you to punitive consequences for the rest of your life.

No, we’re not kidding.

First, you’ll be creating a medical record that will follow you. If you have alcohol problems this will instantly label you an “alcoholic” whether you are or not and you will never be able to erase that label.

Remember! 85% of the people looking for help are alcohol abusers, not alcohol dependent “alcoholics.” Don’t get labeled!

Second, if you are conned into using insurance remember that insurance records are public records.  This will not only interfere with you getting life and health insurance in the future, but will also be the basis for denying you things like security clearances!

That’s right — need a clearance for your government or government related job? History of treatment? Forget it.

Third, there is always the problem of the staff and other clients.  As with AA itself, there is no confidentiality, no anonymity, and no protection from gossip, exploitation, and worse.

When we say we are the only confidential program in the country, we mean it:

  • You see us and our medical advisor — no one else;
  • You never see another client;
  • We pay for your medical consultation and that record stays separate from your other medical history;
  • We never label you an “alcoholic” or anything else;
  • There are no records for an employer, ex-spouse, licensing board, or other adversary to use against you.

There are other considerations we’ve got covered for you, and with any questions about your specific situation we’re here to take your call – and yes, you will only talk with either Mary Ellen or me, there is no one to jeopardize your privacy.

Imagine that!


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