Over the weekend I had dinner with my friend and colleague, Dr. Tom Horvath, founder of Smart Recovery.

We discussed the ironic situation where it’s far easier to get people to spend $60,000 for a traditional residential “treatment” program that doesn’t work than it is to get them to spend $10,000 for an outpatient program that does.


The answer is that the treatment “industry” has succeeded in convincing people with the lie that you need to go away to a residential program; and second, even worse, that getting over your alcohol abuse or dependence is something they can do for you.
That’s right, all you have to do is lay around their luxury spa for 30 days and somehow you’ll return home cured of your alcohol problems.

Guess what. It won’t happen.

You will return home $60,000 poorer, but with your alcohol problems intact – though you’ll probably have learned better excuses for your drinking (“I’m powerless over my disease…”) and more effective ways to manipulate your family members – the same techniques the treatment center used to manipulate you into signing up.


We can help you leave your alcohol problems behind with you’re active engagement, and that engagement is why it will work. We’ll help you once again become an active participant in your life, not a self-medicating spectator!

As a client once said, “I get it! You have a two step program – get a grip and get a life!”


No, we can’t do it “to you” or “for you”, but neither can anyone else.

Instead, we will do it “with you” – providing you with the real tools, guidance, skills, and motivation that actually work.

So, do you want an expensive vacation from reality, or do you want to fix your alcohol problems?

That’s what we thought – and fixing starts with just a call!

This year has been a busy one.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to work with you. We do.

Every month we see 4 or 5 new clients and do the follow-up with clients from the previous months. Usually we are only booked a week or ten days in advance so we can always accommodate you and your scheduling needs.

No, you don’t need to disappear (and rat yourself out) for 30 days or more.

No, you don’t need to be locked up and isolated like some errant adolescent.

No, you’ll never be subjected to time wasting and time filling “groups”  with people you have absolutely nothing in common with.

No, you won’t be indoctrinated into a cult.

No, you won’t be demeaned, diminished, or embarrassed.

Yes, you can bring your cell phone, laptop, books, medications and you spouse, friend, or other significant person.

Yes, you will have time to maintain your professional life.

Yes, you will receive the right kind of help tailored to you, your strengths, preferences, interests, abilities, and so on.

Yes, you’ll have time to walk on the beach, golf, and/or renew your personal relationship.

Yes, you will leave your alcohol abuse behind, privately, confidentially, permanently!

Yes, you’ll regain your life – not add a label!

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