We extend our best wishes in the your celebrations of Easter, Passover, and all of the other reminders of hope and renewal.


A recent client wrote the following comments which she has graciously allowed us to reprint:

“I do think often of that week in California and I get almost a ‘high’ realizing the changes that my thought patterns have gone through.  I remember the walks on the beach and feeling a little scared but pretty confident at the same time because I was already starting to feel healthier.

I have gotten into much better patterns now and I don’t want to give up the good feelings I have developed. I’m just not having trouble with wanting to slip back into drinking. I have no nostalgia at all for that life. Even the smell of alcohol bothers me now.

I never worry about what I may have said the night before or what someone else might have thought of me, because I remember everything.

Every time I think of how you and Ed helped set me on a different path I get a lump in my throat. I am so thankful.”

Which pieces will make up the your “model” of success?

Unlike other programs which try to fit you into “their model”, we work to construct the model that will work for you. No wonder our clients are ten to fifteen times more successful.

What are the “building blocks” we help you with?

  • Cognative Behavioral Therapy;
  • Anti-Craving Medications;
  • Motivational Enhancement;
  • Assertiveness Training;
  • Relationships;
  • Fitness;
  • Diet;
  • Scheduling;
  • Interests;
  • Social & Recreational Activities;


Those are some of the basics but then there are the features unique to you and your strengths, abilities, and interests.

That’s right, we work with your competence and success – not some mythological powerlessness and disease.

You’ve been a winner, why sign up to be a loser now?

Come and spend 5 days with us designing what’ll actually work for you and then let us help coach you, motivate you, and applaud you through the first weeks and months as you live the life you’ve wanted to live.

No steps, no labels, no groups, no stigma, no shame, no cults.

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