“How can you possibly cure my years of alcohol abuse in JUST 5 DAYS?????”

Of course, we can’t, and neither can you – but we can set the stage for squeezing alcohol out of your life – and you won’t have to be “in recovery”, or brand yourself with the scarlet “A”, or waste your time in meetings, on steps, or isolated from real people and a real life.

“5 days? Really? Not 30, or 60, or 90?”

Yes, Really. Because we don’t waste your time, effort, or money on fillers. With only one new client a week, it’s about you! No groups, unless you count the two of us and possibly your spouse as a “group”.

Please, think about reality for just a minute. Your alcohol abuse occurs in the context of your day-to-day life. Not in isolation.

And that’s where it gets fixed. Not at some expensive spa whose only offering is indoctrination into the disease cult that only serves to either justify your drinking or exacerbate it. And for that you want to spend $20,000 – $200,000? We didn’t think so.

That being the case we offer real solutions, not placebos, all custom tailored to you, your situation, and your life. For 5 days we are focused, with you, on figuring out what is going to work for you, including a medical evaluation for the use of Naltrexone, and then we spend 12 or more weeks coaching and supporting you through the real work of changing your life.

“Can I skip the 5 days and just go straight to the coaching part?”

We tried that and, frankly, it doesn’t work very well. Without the foundation, and the established working relationship, motivation soon flags and people who could succeed drop out, complaining that “it” didn’t “work”.

But for those of you who really want to reclaim your lives – not placate someone else, or justify your continued alcohol abuse, or pretend to want help – we’re here.

Please remember: you can choose to leave alcohol abuse behind- privately, confidentially, effectively, efficiently, and forever.

Why would you choose anything else?

Why we work as a team.

We work with you as a team because it allows us to provide you with more insights, options, alternatives, and hope. We have different backgrounds and our experience with alcohol is also diverse.

Obviously gender differences also apply.

This means that you get far more from your time with us than with any individual counselor or therapist, no matter how good they may be.

It also means that when we work with couples we avoid that “ganging up on” problem that always dooms so-called “couples counseling”. It also means that each person, whether it’s the drinker or the concerned spouse, has an advocate and interpreter for their perspective.

Why no groups?

We don’t do group work. We have plenty to do helping you – we don’t need “filler”. And we don’t think you should waste your time listening to someone else’s situation that has nothing to do with yours.

Additionally, groups in the AA tradition are a way to prevent people from putting their alcohol abuse behind them. Why would we want to promote that relapse enhancing model? That’s right. We don’t.

Need a bit more info on this contentious topic? Read our Bucket of Crabs analogy on why AA and Alanon are bad for your health.

Other questions?

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