A good friend dropped by last week to bring us up to date on the status of her battle with cancer. Her first comment was one we
wanted to share:

“Now that I’m involved with a real disease, and receiving real treatment, the contrast to what I was forced into under the guise of
alcoholism treatment has never been clearer.”

The list of contrasts was lengthy:

Trained doctors, not para-professional “counselors”;
Treatment choices, not “The Program”;
Leading edge research, not long debunked “Steps”;
Powerful, not “Powerless”.

But the sharpest contrast was how she was treated personally.

As she sought opinions and options, the doctors and clinics assumed she was entitled to choices, capable of making choices, able to understand what they proposed, and entitled to choose – including the choice not to be treated!

Imagine that.

She wasn’t being blackmailed into treatment, given only one option, and bullied by an incompetent staff with nothing to offer her but a failed program model.

As we have asked before – why would any intelligent and competent person ever agree to traditional treatment here in the U.S.?

Of course the answer is, we wouldn’t.

Despite what they’ll try and tell you, it’s not because you’re the one in denial. The real “in denial” group consists of those programs who pretend that their out-dated 12 Step model actually works, despite 40 years of experience – and research – to the contrary.

For more detail, see Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, and 12 Step Programs That Can’t Tell the Difference.

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Couples and Families

This week we had another couple sign up together. Yes, that’s right. The four of us will be working through their alcohol abuse problems together.


Because that’s what works best in some cases and we’re always looking for what will work for you – not how to indoctrinate you
into a cult and isolate you. We’re not pushing The Bucket of Crabs model here.

Let’s all reflect for a minute on alcohol abuse and remember the realities:

It’s a choice, not a disease;
You’re powerful, not powerless;
You can leave it behind, not wallow “In Recovery”.

And…It exists within the context of your life!

Want to fix it? Do so with your spouse, if possible. Or with other family members – particularly those most affected by the abuse.

Virtually ever other program seeks to isolate you from you day-to-day life and the important people in your life. Why? Mostly out of
ignorance about how change actually occurs.

But when you make a major change it effects everyone around you. They’re going to have to adjust a bit, too. Success happens more often when the people who are affected are involved! How hard is that to understand?

Apparently it’s too hard for 99% of the programs out there. But then they’re operating from a “Relapse Model”, not a “Successful Change Model”.

What outcome do you want?

Our clients are looking for success. So are we. Let’s involve everyone who’s part of the problem so we all become part of the

We don’t think that’s all that hard to understand.

But then again, we respect our clients and your ability to succeed.

Give us a call and let’s talk about the options.

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What Else?

Don’t forget to review Mary Ellen’s brief video and article on our exclusive Treatment For Women. It’s easy to understand why our
clients’ success rate is up to 20 times higher than other so-called women’s programs. And we also give the credit where it’s due – to you. It’s your success that counts.

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