A recent client commented on the difference between our website and the others he visited when he was looking for help.

“It took me awhile,” he said, “and I’d almost given up. Then I found your site and it suddenly made sense. Everyone else was talking about the facility, the view, the beach, the mountains, the activities, the meals, and the luxury. No one was talking about what they were actually going to do to help me.

That’s when I realized that they couldn’t talk about what they didn’t have, an actual program to help me overcome my alcohol problems – but you did!”
That wasn’t a surprise to us – after all, the pervasive Minnesota Model of treatment is just a business model for selling AA and the 12 Steps – both available at countless locations near you for free!

Even the majority of so-called “non 12 step” options are long on amenities and short on meaningful substance.


Because actually helping you to end your alcohol related problems requires skills, experience, and knowledge of the research as well as the ability to listen to the one person who is an expert on you and that would be you.

Other programs are just hoping that you won’t notice that they don’t actually have anything to offer that you can’t find for free close to home, or what they do offer doesn’t have anything to do with ending your alcohol abuse.

So if you want actual help, not the “Emperor’s New Clothes” model of treatment, give us a call and let’s get you moving down the road to a far happier life.

We’ve come a long way from that day in 1983…

…the day I completed my probationary period at a Minnesota Model residential program in Minneapolis. I was expecting to be promoted and rewarded and I was stunned to hear that I was being terminated immediately!


Because my clients weren’t relapsing!!!!!

In fact, nearly half of my clients were leaving treatment, leading successful and happy lives, and leaving alcohol and drugs behind without further involvement with treatment or AA/NA/CA or any other 12 Step impediment to full recovery.

Yes, I had been naive in believing that the reason for treatment was to help clients accomplish what mine had. Instead I was fired for not engineering the 95% relapse rate the program’s business model demanded.

What’s changed in the past 27 years?

Damn little, I’m sad to report. That program continues to this day with the same 95% relapse model.

On the other hand, now with Mary Ellen and I working together, our client’s success rate is substantially better, now closer to 70%!

What’s it all mean to you?

Just decide what you want and sign up accordingly.

95% chance of failure? Call any 12 Step program anywhere in the country.

Real success at leaving your alcohol problems behind and achieving a far happier life? Call us. Now!

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