This week we’re following our own advice.
We’re taking a few days off and doing a staff retreat!

Given that we are a staff of only two you’d think it would be easier to manage, but it’s still easy to skip. We’re just as good as you are at coming up with reasons we “can’t” do something that’s actually good for us.

“What if someone wants to book that week?”

“But we need to work on the website; marketing; networking; and ten other things.”

“But there are problems only I can handle!”

We’re sure you know how it goes.

In fact, many of you have been saying exactly the same thing about scheduling a week to come out and work with us for months, and sometimes years. We decided it’s time to be role models and do what we say, “take the time to manage your life in a happy and productive way!”

Yes, we’re taking the same 5 days we recommend you invest. For us that means some largely uninterrupted time to reflect, organize, motivate, and refocus, too. With a bit of R&R thrown in for good measure. The same prescription we offer you in Our Expanded Program Description.

For us, it’s off to Vancouver Island, Canada.

For you it could be here to the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Really, as we told ourselves, it’s only 5 days!!!!
And it’s only five days for you too.

The one downside is that we will not be available by phone from 10:00 a.m. Tuesday morning the 11th through early Thursday afternoon the 13th.

So call today or tomorrow before we flee the country!!!

AA Alternatives for Women

Whenever you thought maybe you  needed some help with a drinking problem, you’ve probably been told to go off to some AA based “rehab.” Unhappily traditional AA/12 Step based treatment generates successful outcomes less than 5% of the time. Less than 3% for women.
Obviously this pervasive failure would dictate the need for other approaches.

The good news is that 50 years of research has provided effective options, ones with successful outcomes in the 65 – 70% range. For all of you smart, competent, and successful  women who want to gain control over your alcohol abuse and your life, these alternatives to AA are real options for meaningful change.

AA alternative alcohol treatments aren’t based on being a powerless victim of a mysterious disease, but rather as a symptom of underlying anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other factors that are best addressed by remediating the causes of the self-medication.
Typically, in addition to the foregoing, women also use alcohol to ease the the role transitions of “empty nests” and menopause. Of course, drinking may also reflect power imbalances in personal relationships, marriages, and families. Taken all together, there are no lack of reasons for excessive indulgence in alcohol.

Nor any reason to fault yourself for falling into a self-deminishing behavior pattern. But that’s all it is.

Still, explanations do not equal cures, they only provide a starting point. Ending the alcohol abuse means addressing the causes.

You can replace drinking with actions that solve or ease the underlying motivations to drink and that provide the motivation to stop drinking.

As you consider your own personal situation and needs, look at solutions that relegate drinking to a “been there, done that” habit that is no longer an issue. Recover! Don’t fall for cults and “being in recovery.”

Remember, don’t sign up for a “disease” you don’t have, a “program” you don’t need, and a diminished life with an “alcoholic” label you don’t want.

Please, it really is time to create your own unique mosaic of skills and approaches, so let us help you accomplish it quietly, effectively, affordably, and confidentially.

No, you are not powerless to create, or recreate, your own rewarding life!

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Menopause and Alcohol Abuse

Smart Women and Alcohol Abuse