Occasionally there is a rare legal victory for the individuals who have been systematically blackmailed and blacklisted by various licensing boards.

No where has this illegal abuse of power been more widespread than in the medical field where physicians and nurses have been targeted for exploitation by board members operating in cahoots with selected 12 Step “treatment” programs.
Now, in what might seem the unlikely place of North Carolina, a ruling has come down which will give physicians there a chance to escape the phony Physicians Assistance Programs and Medical Board mandated 12-Step program scams,  as well as directing access to real assessment and help, as indicated by the evidence.
We think the precedent, which the N. C. Medical Licensing Board declined to appeal, is of extreme value to, and a precedent for, professionals across the U.S. and Canada and are, therefore, reprinting it in its entirety in the following section.
Take heart, those of you who are, or could be, under the AA gun, the courageous Dr. F. has defied the odds, stormed the barricades, and won.
We are pleased to have played a part in the successful outcome in this case and several other similar ones.
We all owe him a deep debt of gratitude.
(And, yes, I know I used all highlighted bold text – it’s that important!)

State of North Carolina      In The General Court of Justice
County of Wake                      Superior Court Division

F., M.D.,                          Petitioner

North Carolina Medical Board, Respondent

THIS CAUSE BEING HEARD by the undersigned at the August 12, 2013 term of the Wake County Superior Court upon Petitioner’s petition for judicial review of a decision of the North Carolina Medical Board to suspend Petitioner’s license to practice medicine in North Carolina, and the court having carefully considered the entire record, the arguments of counsel, the pertinent authority and the relevant law, the Court concludes in view of the entire record as submitted that the substantial rights on Petitioner have been prejudiced by the Board’s insistence that the Petitioner be evaluated and treated by a program using the “12-Step Program”  of substance abuse treatment, or by offering no “12-Step Program” alternative. The Court further concludes that there is substantial evidence in the record that Petitioner’s hearing was affected by the pre-hearing bias of at least one of the panel’s members and that, as a result, the substantial rights of Petitioner have been denied of due process.

NOW THEREFORE, based on the foregoing, the court concludes that the decision of the North Carolina Medical Board should be, and hereby is, reversed.

It is so ordered this 16th day of August, 2013.

William R. Pittman
Superior Court Judge