I occasionally receive follow-up letters/calls/emails from former clients and these comments are always appreciated. Both my work as a therapist and as a writer are very isolating occupations without much in the way of feedback. Yes, there are plenty of verbal comments, but the written insights are the most helpful as well as the most reaffirming.

With that introduction, I’d like to insert the following letter from a recent client who has summed up our work together in ways that hadn’t exactly occurred to me, but feel right in any case.

“…I re-read your book this weekend (in Rugby, TN). So many of the things you said during our calls “clicked” and became clearer.

All my “spiritual seeking” now makes much more sense (looking for like-minds and/or words to put on how I already felt). Also, while I knew that not all intelligent people are good, it helped to hear you, spell that out in a way that really registers and extends into my everyday life.

I feel more awake than ever before. Friends are starting to notice a difference in my overall attitude. I’m also much more direct and I assert myself, if a situation is worth my energy.

It hardly seemed like we were doing any “work,” but it worked.

Thanks for what you do! I wish more people had access to this understanding.”

(My “book” refers to my “Guide to AA: Who it Helps, Who it Harms, Who it Kills & Why.” If you haven’t gotten a copy, it’s available at the website (www.non12step.com) as a paperback or at Amazon Books as either a paperback or eBook.)

Clients, and others, have commented over the years that “what I do” seems a little obscure. It’s true, because I don’t have fixed regimen of inviolate “Steps” or other set of rules and roles to force you into. Instead, since I only see individuals (occasionally couples) everything is custom made to fit your particular circumstances.

An example is “assessment” which in 99% of “programs” comes down to 1: you’re here; 2: therefore you’re an alcoholic; 3: hence you need bullied into AA. For which you pay $25,000 to $250,000 And which you could have done at home for free at any AA group near you with at least as good a “success” rate as AA & rehab’s 5%.

I’m not going to belabor these points – mostly because the holidays are looming and virtually everyone postpones “change” until January or later. Many of you have worked with me and use the newsletter as occasional support, some have been reading and wondering how to quite waiting and DO SOMETHING? (Hint, make a assessment appointment, keep the appointment, then make the next decision – I’m not demanding a $25,000 non-refundable deposit and a 30 days residential commitment.

It’s true that whatever a client and I do we do together is in mutual consultation. You know yourself and your strengths, I know the efficacy of the methods I suggest.

Why not give yourself a chance in January to dip a toe in the water and see how it actually feels, not how you fear it will?