It’s Thanksgiving!

And this year we’re thankful for – among other things:

  • The opportunity to have worked with 57 of you with nearly all of you achieving the results you wanted – primarily leaving your alcohol abuse behind and addressing the causes directly and successfully, if somewhat trepidatiously;
  • Learning from all of you how we can work with you in ever better and more comprehensive ways;
  • Discovering new myths and threats to you and your success in leaving drinking problems behind – particularly those affecting physicians and other health care professionals as AA mounts an ever more vigorous campaign to label everyone as an “alcoholic,” whether you drink or not (witness the defeated California proposition that would have required random drug and alcohol testing of all physicians!);
  • Our successful participation in cases of individuals railroaded into “rehab” on the basis of false accusations and patently false “diagnoses,” by corrupt officials, interventionists, program directors, and judges;
  • That our work with you has been noted in Her Best-Kept Secret; The Wall Street Journal; Marie Claire; The London Times; and The Daily Beast – we couldn’t ask for much more recognition than that!

For those of you are current and former clients we hope your post-alcohol list is equally long and that the coming holidays are all memorable – and remembered – in positive ways both this year and in all of your years to come.

That said, our best wishes go out to all of you, regardless of what brings you to our Newsletter, and we hope that the joys of the season may be yours in whatever ways you choose to observe.

Mary Ellen & Ed

And we wish….

A wish of our own is that those of you who have been clients, would drop us a sentence or two on how you’re doing. One of the benefits of seeing just a small number of specially selected clients is that we remember everyone all the way back to Donna, one of our first clients who took a chance after reading about us in the L. A. Times all those long years ago.

Yes, we’re curious about you.

But it’s not just that. We’d like to share your perspectives, insights, and opinions with those who have yet to open our door, call, or e-mail.
Therefore we thought perhaps you could help with the writing of the Christmas Edition by sending a line or two, a paragraph, or whatever you’re willing share. Not only will readers appreciate your thoughts, Ed will be most grateful for your help.

Thank you, from both of us to all of you!