Happy Thanksgiving!

As you sit down to dinner this coming Thursday, will you be thankful for your life over the past year, or will you be dreading the holiday season and the cloud your alcohol abuse has hanging over this and the other up-coming holidays?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

When we’re drinking we always have dozens of “reasons” why we can’t stop yet. But the reasons are just excuses to justify our fear of the unknown – the unknowns of a life without alcohol’s many benefits.

We also, of course, know the costs of continuing excessive drinking — including a non-existent or destructive family life — but tend to forget them quite quickly once the immediate negative consequences have faded.

Still, you do know, and remember, or you wouldn’t have ventured onto our website, signed up for information, or be reading this newsletter.

Perhaps part of making this a “Happy Thanksgiving” might be finally taking a chance and signing up for a happier life. A better life for you, your family, and your friends?

How about giving everyone an early Holiday Season gift? The gift of your own better self?

Give the gift that will continue through every holiday for the rest of your life.

Sometimes we too, overlook one of the important things we offer that no one else can.

Over dinner awhile ago, a colleague noted that he’d love to add what we do to his programs but, “I can’t clone you two and that’s what it would take.”

Clients often tell us that having us both focus on them is an amazing experience.

That’s a huge benefit for you, whether as an individual or a couple, and includes:

No gender conflicts;
No “role” conflicts;
No “triangulation”;
Well founded empathy
Age appropriateness (most of our clients are between their late 30s and middle 60s);
We’re the only “group” you’ll ever see;
Good will;
Good humor;
Great results!

If you’re comparing programs to help with your alcohol abuse problems you might want to ask them how they measure up on all of those factors.

And you might want to ask to talk to the people who will actually be delivering the services — another point our clients stress as hugely important — and don’t be surprised when they tell you that you can’t.

No, their staff can’t provide any of the benefits listed above and no, they really don’t want you talking to anyone outside of their marketers until your payment has cleared.

They really can’t have you discovering that all they’re selling is smoke, mirrors, magic, and AA — all available for free at a “meeting” near you.