I often note that when I gave up vodka over 25 years ago it took me a couple of years to figure out and implement all of the changes I needed to make in my day-to-day life.

No, I didn’t go to treatment or “rehab” or AA. I knew that for me all of these would be counterproductive since all they offered were the “12 Steps” and, frankly, if that was the only “cure,” I’d rather be a drunk.

It also turns out that my experience is actually the norm and I wasn’t an exception – both with  regard to AA and to finding a personal solution.

So why come and see us if you can eventually manage it on your own?

It’s a matter of how much time you want to spend figuring it all out. And how many risks do you want to run in the meantime?

I was lucky in that I only cultivated my own alcohol abuse patterns for about 5 years before I figured it was time to actually fix the underlying losses and problems. Most people abuse alcohol for 20+ years before arriving at that conclusion.

Then they still have to spend the time fixing it, with very little actual help, all while being hammered by AA mythology.

So the answer to “why work with us?” is easy – we’ll save you a lot of time, effort, dead ends, and risk.

And we’ll help you make the changes effectively, efficiently, affordably, and confidentially, while also de-programming you from all of the 12 Step nonsense that still keeps people trapped in the alcohol cult long after they’ve put their drinking problems behind them.

Don’t get stuck in The Bucket of Crabs, or Why AA and Alanon are Bad For Your Health,

Why spend years figuring it out for yourself when we’ve done the research (Ending Alcohol Abuse: What Works) and we can shrink the process down to days and weeks?

Wondering how that happens?

See: “How Can You Possibly Cure My Years of Alcohol Abuse in Just 5 Days?

And/or: Our Expanded Program Description

Finally, most of our clients report that their ROI (return on investment) is 6 months or a bit longer. And that’s just the financial consideration, not including the vastly decreased risk of unwelcome family, legal, and/or medical problems.

So what’s your choice? It’s your call, as always.

A recent client wrote:

“I think the goals of our sessions have essentially been met.  I have a pretty good handle on where I am at…

I have Peace and am learning to be comfortable with it.  My drinking is no longer an issue.  I work out and diet to the point where I watch any chemicals going into my body.  If I choose to have drink it is responsible and in moderation if at all.  I no longer have any desire to get f….up!  I care to much about my life, children and moving forward…”

You have helped me more than you may ever know and have turned my life around.  Literally, I have been slowly killing myself.  For that I can’t thank you enough…

I also like knowing that I can still reach out to you if a crisis should arise or just need some sage advise…

All my best,”

Sometimes even I have nothing to add…. But thank you, too to you, “X,” and all of the rest of you who write and call and e-mail.

It’s our privilege to have worked with you all.