Dear Mary Ellen and Ed,

“Thank you! I can say without you two I don’t think I would be here today.

My husband talked about you both and wanted me to call and meet with you for more than a year.

It took a whole lot of meetings, commitments, confinement’s, medications and “Almost” being convinced how powerless I was, before I did. Maybe for me that’s what it took before I did make that appointment with you.

Thank goodness I did. I know one thing for sure, I would not have seen the light as clearly as I do today if I hadn’t.

You truly helped put my wheels back on the ground. The blocks came down and my engine re ignited. It took another year to reestablish the trust within myself and family. I still feel and see the pain and worry on my family’s face every day. But I also see and feel there hope and happiness to have me back.

I know I have created bad scars of pain in them. But I am not focusing on the guilt anymore, I’m not apologizing every minute anymore. I know the only way to help heal the scars is just doing, not making empty promises.

I’m living every day to my fullest. I’m being the person I really am. And it feels so good. You listened, educated and cleared the fog for me.
You really brought me back to reality.

So much has been going on over the last Year. And the fact that I have been able to see it through because I am not self-medicating through it, is really a wonderful feeling. Doesn’t make the issues go away, but I know I can work through them.”

This week we received the foregoing evaluation of a client’s work with us – this time from someone who worked with our new format but, as you can see, the results remain the same.

One of her references is a phrase I have long used in describing clients as “a Corvette, up on blocks, in the garage, engine running, going nowhere and dying from the exhaust fumes.” But, folks, Corvettes, like you, were not designed to spend life, up on blocks, engine running, going nowhere, and dying from the fumes.

The antidote? Again, as another client said, “3 ‘Steps’: Get a grip. Get a Life. Get moving!”

And another old friend dropped a note.

Gabrielle Glaser, author of the Best Selling: “Her Best-Kept Secret: Why Women Drink – And How They Can Regain Control” offered a memory of her visit with us when she was researching the topic.

“I adore you both and the two of you seemed so marvelous, like work spouses, but almost more, in a lovely California-like open way I hadn’t realized I’d missed.”

Despite the change in venue, formal offices to on-line delivery, Mary Ellen and I haven’t changed, nor has the personal as well as professional attention we provide to each and every one of you. And we remain the same, “two peas in a pod” as M.E. is fond of saying, and after 16 years, quite capable of finishing each other’s thoughts and well as sentences.

With that, we sometimes forget the uniqueness of what we offer:

  • Both of us working with just you;
  • Two complimentary perspectives;
  • Whatever degree of service you want and need;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Your choice of outcome;
  • Research base;
    No groups, “meetings,” or other impediments;
  • No degradation, humiliation, guilting, or exploitation;
  • And, finally, full recovery in whatever form that takes for you.

We do miss our old offices, but we also like being available to more of you with lowered cost and expanded availability. No more need for national or international travel in order to take advantage of real help.

So what is stopping you from discovering what your life could be like? Off the blocks and on your own road?