Success is achieved by becoming more yourself, not less…

Treatment programs, like old military training, rely on isolating and dehumanizing you and regressing you to the level of a 5 year old. They then attempt to indoctrinate you and gradually mold you into a conformist 12 year old and freeze you there for the rest of your life.


Because when AA works, it works for those whose “maturation” stopped at between 5 and 12 years of age.

Initially, this “process” isn’t too hard to do since alcohol, in addition to being a depressant, is also a “regressant” – meaning that it reduces our functional age down to the “childish” stages.

Of course once we stop artificially  reducing our functionality we begin to rebound to our actual maturity levels. That means that most of us rapidly outgrow AA and all of the 12 Step voodoo cult nonsense very quickly.

Again, AA works fine for extremely dependent people and the con artists, hucksters, and treatment mills who prey on them.

But for the rest of us?

For us, successfully changing or eliminating destructive behavior patterns, habits, and choices is a matter of increasing self-efficacy, not destroying it through brain washing, isolation, demeaning, and dehumanizing threats, and exploitation.

And these are the reasons why we named our practice:

Your Empowering Solutions

  • Your strengths, interests, abilities, and preferences. Not some silly slogans, trinkets, and non-life;
  • Empowering, not disempowering, or powerless, but based on increased self-efficacy;
  • Solutions, not the dead end that’s simply another form of an alcohol focused existence, surrounded by the same limitations, losers, and labels.

It’s good to remember the research into

Ending Alcohol Abuse: What Works

and by making sure that the help you seek, whether it’s from us, another program, or an individual practitioner, is real help, not just shuttling you off to the 12 Step wasteland.

Another Sad Story

Recently I spoke with another doctor who couldn’t believe that “treatment” for a made up “disease” – alcoholism – didn’t have any of the options medicine actually offers to people with real diseases.

Why wasn’t he entitled to a second or even third opinion as to the diagnosis?

Why couldn’t he choose between various treatment options? Including no treatment (which, after all, is at least as effective as 12 Step based treatment).

Why was there no oversight of “Physicians’ Assistance Programs” or appeal rights to their completely arbitrary, and self-serving, pronouncements?

These are all good questions, of course, and the simple answer is that for 50 years no one much cared and the Steppers have been able to assemble a corrupt system which has enriched them without much opposition.

And the abuses continue despite court rulings, (see “No Judge, No AA“), and the research findings referred to above. Again, until recently, no one cared, and you don’t easily fight an entrenched $18 billion dollar-a-year 12 Step industry.

The solution?

For now, protect yourself and fix problems in the earliest stages in a private, confidential, and effective manner while you still have choices.


Don’t wait until you’ve been snared in the Kafkaesque web of the AA predators. That’s not a trap you will quickly, easily, cheaply, or humanely escape.