More resources to help you fend off the accusations and the zealots..

We often write articles that address various problems we face in overcoming the various myths that pervade our culture when it comes to the misuse of alcohol and/or how to fix it.

This problem confronts any of us as we get assailed by relatives, friends, interventionists, and rehab hucksters and the myriad Steppers. Sadly, support is hard to find and frequently dismissed as a case of “you’re in denial.”

But now more than ever, there are real resources available to you including Gabrielle Glaser’s “Her Best Kept Secret” and Lance Dodes’ “The Sober Truth.” Both provide an educational look at treatment mills, the rehab industry, and what actually works in putting your alcohol abuse behind you.

These of course join such classics as Staunton Peele’s “The Diseasing of America.

Briefer support is also found in our articles:

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