The Times They Are A-Changin”

For some time Mary Ellen and I have been discussing shifting from semi-retirement to actual retirement. Doing so is a bit complicated and requires considerable lead in as we are a corporation, not just two solo practitioners who work together.

That said, we have decided to officially close the corporation this coming December 31st.

Why announce our decision 6 months early?

Some of you have waited months, or years, to decide whether or not you wanted or needed to work with us. Respecting your decision making, we wanted anyone who wanted it, time to reserve a spot before the literal doors close.

We also know that many of you have been waiting for the pandemic to subside before moving on to a drinking issue which either existed before Covid or happened as a result of Covid. Again, we respect your ability to decide what is best for you.

Yes, there will be details to sort out along the way, including the fate of this Newsletter that I have written every week for 14 years. Is it worth it to you for me to continue? I have 1,000 subscribers, 250 of whom are regular readers, 250 occasional readers, and 500 who have forgotten to hit the unsubscribe button. Regardless, you opinion still matters.

And in 2022? That remains a work in progress but it’s looking like more travel, more fiction writing, and various other neglected interests.
Yes, we’ve made our choice, now it’s your turn.

So How Old Are You Really?

“Before you argue with someone, ask yourself, ‘is this person mentally mature enough to grasp the concept of different perspective?’ If not there is no point to argue.”

Dick Gregory

Since 1982 I have been involved in the research and applications of Dr. Jane Loevinger’s Model and Measure of Ego Development – the Washington University Sentence Completion Test (SCT). Essentially the test is a measure of emotional and psychological maturity and I have been hired by entities as diverse as the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, the Iowa Medical School, many university research projects, doctoral candidates dissertation research, small colleges looking for board members, big cities looking for police and fire chiefs and dozens of mental health professionals and centers.


The SCT provides a wealth of information in a relatively simple format. It allows for comparisons between individuals and their chronologic peers, spouses and other family members; individuals and their occupations; and many other matches including those discussed in my “Guide to AA: Who it Helps, Who it Harms, Who it Kills & Why.”

Happily for me, from a professional standpoint, the SCT is not machine score-able and it takes a long time to learn to do it. After some 7,000+ I have a research grade rating so I continue to do a trickle of projects as they interest me.

As all of you who are former clients know, the test is also our routine intake assessment tool and it’s a major short cut in terms of getting to the root of your over self-medicating as well showing us a lot about what sort of support – or sabotage – you can expect from those close to you, and how to get the proper support or evade to the attempts to get you back to self-destructive drinking.

A lengthier view of Loevinger’s model and measure is on our website as are various ways you may be able to use it whether you elect to become a client or not. Just click on Sentence Completion Test model.

Enough news for this week – let is know if/how we can help.