Happy 2022!

Time for an update for anyone who is interested.

After a few months of Newsletter silence, work reconfiguration, geographic relocation and considerable pondering, I have the following to report:

  • I will be continuing to provide services to a select few clients;
  • “Select” means, mostly, over 50 years of age, motivated and capable as assessed by Dr. Jane Loevinger’s Measure of Ego Development, the Sentence Completion Test of maturity;
  • I will also be providing individual and research ratings for the SCT independent of “treatment”;
  • I have added a “Leaving AA” component for those wishing to leave the cult behind – a more difficult task than giving up drinking but one worth pursuing for anyone capable of a normal life;
  • As before, services will be confidential, private, generally Zoom delivered, and offered from my new office north of Pittsburgh, PA;
    Dr. Barnes has agreed to join in the 4 day intensive portion of the program (Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PST/ Noon – 2:00 p.m. EST) for one client per month;
  • I will handle all assessment and financial matters as well as phone and other inquiries (760 580-5758, or DrWilson@non12step.com);
  • The Newsletter will become a monthly, not weekly (my semi-retirement won’t look like it without cutbacks to both the newsletter and caseload and I would like to expand my creative writing and enjoyment of the area and friends where I grew up).

I hope 2022 finds you well, ready for a better year, and able to enjoy life as the virus begins to lose its impact on all aspects of our lives. While I am only guardedly optimistic, I have also learned to make use of solitude rather than isolation – yes, it’s helped have had over a decade in the tiny villages of interior and Arctic Alaska.

February: The Fear of Leaving AA and its Pseudo-Relationships.
All that said, I welcome your emails and calls.