Why We Do What We Do the Way We Do It

We often forget that the way we work with you is unique until a client reminds us as one did recently. When that happens, I start to remember the differences that I developed 30 years ago and that Mary Ellen and I have perfected over the years. These include:

  • Two professional counselors for each client;
  • No groups;
  • No AA;
  • No “Steps”;
  • Research, not cults;
  • Confidential;
  • Client directed;
  • Variable outcomes;
  • As much help as you need, no more, no less;
  • “Recovered!” not “in recovery.”

Breaking this down, when you work with us you have an experienced team of professionals, each with our own expertise and history. I’m the one who had a trauma induced alcohol problem and learned to grope my way back out. Mary Ellen had a family member with a problem and discovered there was no real help available at any price.

I have years of research and applied experience in emotional and psychological development and its relationship to alcohol use. Mary Ellen is the expert in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

We both do assertiveness training.

Many clients have also remarked that we model how a cooperative, supportive, caring relationship works. Any number have said that this was the most important part when it came to fixing or ending their primary relationships.

Moving on, no groups means you are never exposed and is part of our comprehensive commitment to confidentiality – which also includes “self-pay” only (insurance and third party payments are not confidential), with no referral to any groups of any kind.

That’s right, no AA or other cults, no brainwashing, no stigma, no demeaning, no “Steps” and no one size, one outcome bunkum.

Client directed/variable outcomes means just that. Tell us what you want – abstinence, moderation, harm reduction – and we’ll tell you the odds and the best route.

We provide all of the help you need and no more. Starting with the four days of intensive and 4 weeks of follow-up we provide as much or as little additional services as you deem necessary. No 30, 60, 90 day regimen of useless time fillers.

The result? You recover, fully, to whatever state you consider “recovered.” Your definition, not some pre-determined never met standard designed to keep you trapped, humiliated, depressed, and dependent.

Finally, a timely note. Many professionals, medical and otherwise, have slipped quite understandably into self-medication to offset fear, crushing workloads, loneliness, boredom and other conditions. Don’t fall into the “alcoholism/alcoholic” trap. You didn’t survive Covid just to succumb to a fictitious “disease.”

Could you use some brief help getting back to where you were before the pandemic? Of course. But don’t let mythology and failed programs destroy your reputation and career. Fix it. Quickly, quietly, affordably and leave you anxieties about drinking behind. Permanently.

Yes – we’re different – and that’s why our clients “success” rate exceeds 70%, not the traditional under 10%.

Seems like an easy decision to us – how about you?