“How I Stopped Drowning In Drink” by Paul Carr recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal. You can click on the link to read the full article, but basically he makes, in his words, three points:

“The real secret to getting sober, and to repairing all the broken aspects of your life, is to take the time (probably through trial and error) to figure out the causes of your addiction and the aspects of your character that can be pressed into service in curing them.

“To do that, you’ll have to figure out your own list of things you enjoy about drinking (for me: adventures, reckless spending, dating, etc.) and how you can keep those things alive through sobriety.

“Then you need to figure out what part of your personality will drive you to stay sober (for me: ego).”

Yes, you may be able to do that on your own. He did. I did. So have many others. But do you want to waste the years of trial and error it may take?

Do you want to risk letting the problem get worse before it gets better?

Do you want to go public, as he did, or do you want to fix this privately?

Do you really want to label yourself an alcoholic when you probably aren’t?

Finally, do you really want to try and build a life around stupidly counting up the days of NOT DOING SOMETHING?

Why not let us help you cut to the chase, as the saying goes, and fix it now? Let’s find out how you can get the benefits of drinking without the costs.

Let us help you figure out how to “get a grip and get a life.”

The Downside of Being Smart, Creative, Sensitive & Articulate

You are smart, successful, creative, sensitive, and a lot of other generally desirable things, but you find yourself stuck with either being productive or self-destructive.

Unlike most people, you can’t go through life on” cruise control.”

That’s where the alcohol abuse comes in. It’s your version of cruise control, a way to achieve some respite. But it’s very short term relief, and, eventually, the price gets to be too high.

So what are the possible alternatives? Frankly, there aren’t any that are as quick, easy, and readily available as alcohol. But there are better solutions – ones that enhance your life, rather than detracting from it.

Helping your discover what works for you is what we do, that no one else does. It’s also why we only work with individuals, not groups, and why you get all of our attention.

You’re a complicated individual. Figuring out what ‘ll work for you takes some focused effort. Effort that no other program is willing, or able, to invest in you.

You’re not part of the herd and we’re not either. Forcing yourself, or being forced, to pretend you are, will never have a positive effect. Quite the opposite.

So, it really isn’t surprising that you won’t find your solutions down at the AA Corral. But you will find them here.


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