Counselors “In Recovery”?

We took part in a survey of counselors in treatment programs awhile back and recently read through the preliminary results.

One question had to do with how many counselors who considered themselves to be “in recovery” had “relapsed”.

Not surprisingly to anyone who’s ever been around a treatment program, one third of the respondents reported relapsing and they also reported that most of their colleagues had as well. It’s also a pretty safe bet that the vast majority of non-respondents had too.

That raises two questions in our minds.

First, why do traditional treatment centers hire anyone who’s still “in recovery”? And the sad answer is that they work cheap and they are ineffectual. Remember, the treatment industry business model depends on a 95% relapse (read failure) rate.

The second question, however, is the one that should matter to you.

Precisely how is someone who can’t manage to stay sober even in a sheltered “continuous treatment” environment going to help you stay sober in your real day-to-day life?

Obviously, they aren’t.

So why would you waste $40,000 – $200,000, and 30 – 90 days, with staff who promote a cult that doesn’t work 95% of the time, and who can’t manage their own lives at the most basic level?

That’s what we thought and, no, we wouldn’t either.

Remember, recovered, not “in recovery”.

Scheduling Your Time With Us

Our clients usually schedule the 5 Day portion of their work with us in one of three ways:

Some of you find yourselves at a crisis point and call to schedule the next available slot, which usually takes three to ten days.

Others of you have been contemplating coming here for awhile and call to schedule a week “soon”. “Soon” is usually two or three weeks away.

The third group is made up of those of you who, like us, tend to keep putting things off. But, again like us, you really do want to put the alcohol abuse behind you.

So what do you do? You call and schedule a week that’s one, two, or even three months away!

Then you can relax. You’ve scheduled the time, put down a deposit that insures you’ll keep the reservation, and you can quit beating yourself up in the meantime.

Please be assured that we respect your decision making process whatever it is. As with all of our work with you, we’re looking to meet your needs in whatever way works for you.

That’s a really important difference between how we work and all of the other programs out there. We work with you. Treatment isn’t something we do to you, or for you (much as we wish we could, sometimes), but an exciting collaborative process we do WITH YOU!

So, please, whatever your preferred way to initiate changing your alcohol related behaviors, act on that desire and give us a call!

A few days, a few weeks, a few months – your choice, but make that choice today.

Odds and Ends…

Licensed Professionals Program for doctors, teachers, lawyers, therapists, nurses, and others who need totally confidential help that actually works.

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