We were reading Dr. Sally Satel’s review of “Memoirs of an Addicted Brain” by  Marc Lewis, M.D., and came across the following, “Dr. Lewis reminds us that people keep using … because drugs serve a purpose.”

Dr. Lewis further notes, “In one way or another, … people take drugs because they are not feeling right.”

How much does this reflect our oft-stated — as well as research and experience supported — contention that you don’t drink because you are dumb or diseased, but because it works — albeit in the short term?

Dr. Lewis also confirms that the addled brain, his included, can repair itself through altered thought and behavior patterns. We help you accomplish this through CBT, assertiveness training, diet, exercise, and motivational enhancement, among other things.

Dr. Lewis left his multiple addictions behind after he found himself thinking, “I deserve a chance to live.”

So do you. And you don’t need to waste more years figuring out how to manage this transition like he did. We’ll help you figure out your own route to “getting a grip and getting a life.”

That better life of yours is just a phone call away…

Igneous, Sedimentary or Metamorphic?

When I graduated from college my degree was in geology – an interest that began in my teens, exploring and mapping “wild” caves with my older brother.

But as the years passed and my professional life moved into psychology some of the terminology has lingered. Yes, I still tend to think of perspective clients as igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic.

So if you are an igneous “volcanic” anger based individual only interested in having others change to conform to your wishes, well, you’ll need to look elsewhere for help with that.

If you’re a sedimentary, laid back, mudstone kinda person with no interest in changing at all, then we’ll simply refer you to AA and/or Alanon, the natural home for those who are only interested in pretending to give up an alcohol centered life.

But! If you’re one of those rare “metamorphics” — and those who stick around our website and newsletters usually are — then let’s get going on real change. The kind of change that turns shale in slate, limestone into marble, and coal into diamonds.

That’s the kind of change you can undergo, transforming a disappointing life into one that is uniquely yours. Exchanging misery for joy, sadness for contentment, and depression for action.


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