Yes, we know – you’re very conflicted about fixing your drinking problem.

First, let us reassure you – everyone is!

We often note that the hardest part of our work is providing a service you know you need, but still don’t want.

Really, at best, we’re all at about 50/50 when it comes to making any significant change in our established behaviors. In the actual process of change – which goes Pre-Contemplation; Contemplation; Preparation; Action; Maintenance – we can spend a lifetime in Contemplation and Preparation without ever getting around to Acting.

Indeed, even reading our Newsletter can be just such a deferring activity. Have you been reading regularly for a year? Two? Coming up on three?

If so, chances are you know everything we have to say regarding preparing to act. There’s also about a 100% chance you have a problem that needs addressing. Why else would you be reading?

Odds are that you have also decided that what we offer is what would most likely work for you or a spouse or friend.

So what’s stopping you?

Truth is, we all like the “security of familiar miseries” more than we want to sign up for unpredictable change – even when, or maybe especially when, change will be for the better.

So we continue to abuse alcohol, eat simple carbs and sugar, smoke, lay on the couch, and avoid productive change.

Yes, we settle for a boring, isolated, depressed, and lonely day-to-day existance because it’s familiar and doesn’t scare us as much as change.

But…. and there is that “but”… you’re miserable too much of the time, things are not getting better, and time is passing.

Long, long ago – over 30 years – I used to tell myself that if I could have a guarantee that I would live another 5 years then it would be worthwhile going through the change process. I couldn’t find that guarantee – but eventually I decided to take a chance anyway.

We can’t guarantee you 5 years either, but we do suggest that regret – our guilt over what we’ve never done – is not a good way to spend the coming weeks, months, years, and, yes, possibly decades.

Eventually I told myself that it was going to be an interesting adventure, changing my life, and I was really really interested in looking back in six months and again in a year and seeing how I had managed.

We’re also interested in looking back with you come November and December. So let’s get started giving you and your loved ones the best holiday present ever – your active participation in your own life and theirs.

Living to 100!

One of the websites we refer clients to is Living To 100.

Why? It goes back to perspective. If I’m going to change my life is it worth going through the effort?

This website takes about ten minutes to answer questions about family and lifestyle, then tells you what your life expectancy is looking like. Do it first with your drinking accurately reported, then again with your drinking eliminated and note the difference. That’s a fast gain.

The site will also give you other tips for extending your healthy life time possibilities.

Mine? Says I’m good for another 35 years or so. Makes it worth getting to the gym three times a week, sleeping 8 hours, eating better, and managing my blood pressure.

What if they’re wrong, you ask?

Frankly, it doesn’t matter. If they are even half right I’ll have lived a happier, healthier, and more self-aware life than I would have if I’d been medicating my way through what are turning out to be some very good years.

And you? Yes, it’s time to call and get started on your own answer to an engaged life:

Toll Free 888-541-6350 Across the U.S. & Canada  760-580-5758 Here In the Los Angeles Area

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