A recent client from Chicago said:

“I visited dozens of websites before I called you. I called because yours was the only one that actually told me how you propose to help me, and the only one to tell me the cost!”

He went on to note six other important points:

  • When I called, I actually talked to both of you. Not some volunteer, flunky, client, or marketing department;
  • When I was in L.A. on business you met with me at no charge to further discuss whether you were the right match for me;
  • You’re both very smart – no one I talked to in any of the traditional programs was;
  • As promised, there was no pressure, no pitch, no magic, no crap!
  • You’ve both been available for follow-up as you said you would be;
  • I think you’re the only people around who actually provide what you say you will.

Those are all points we think are important, and we think you should too, and, yes, no one else offers any of that.

Those really are the things that callers and clients like. Not to mention that we do actually refer people to effective research based residential programs when it’s appropriate.

Please remember that what we do actually works for over 70% of our clients, as compared to 5% of those who opt for AA/12 Step programs.

No, calling us does not obligate you in any way. We are happy to discuss possibilities, options, and to have the chance to get to know you a bit as you get to know us.

Yes, you’re welcome to schedule a no cost, no hustle, visit. In fact, we encourage it! Again, that’s something almost no one else does because the last thing they want is for you to get a glimpse of what they actually offer – which usually turns out to be NOTHING YOU COULDN’T GET FOR FREE AT AN AA MEETING NEAR YOU!!!

Happily for you, and for us, that’s not the case here, and we are proud of our work, our clients, and their successes. You could be one of those successes, too.

Just over two years ago, a woman with an extremely limited time frame came to see us for three very intense days just before Thanksgiving. In a recent e-mail she noted,

“I’m doing great, thank God, and due in large part to my brief time with you and Ed.  I hear you two inside of my head all of the time.” -S.J., 61

In a year or two, or five, you could be the one sending that greeting. Will you be?

Who are our clients?

With 2011 now behind us, we like to look back and see who our clients are. Adding information from previous years, we see that:

  •     you range in age from 20 and 80, but most of you are between 40 and 65;
  •     you come from across the U.S. and Canada, but also Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Philippines;
  •     you are doctors, lawyers, actors, writers, composers, business owners, executives, artists, TV personalities, educators, athletes, diplomats, mothers and fathers, and, yes, adult children;
  •     you are successful, self-aware, responsible, and ready to implement whatever it takes to root out your alcohol abuse.
  •     you are very smart;
  •     you have a great sense of humor;
  •     you are a pleasure to get to know;
  •     because of the foregoing, you are the most successful clients – by far – of any program in North America;

We thank you for the opportunity to work with you as you achieve freedom from alcohol abuse.

For those of you waiting for your turn, we’re waiting to hear from you too!

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