Rehab Or Quit On Your Own, Which Has The Best Results?

It’s a fair question. The answer isn’t all that difficult to decide if you sort out the real options. The trouble is, when we start trying to figure out what to do we’re usually in such a mess that we don’t always make good decisions. That’s the real fly in the ointment.

So, in the interest of full disclosure, I will confess that I quit on my own when I was 41. But it took me a long time to do it. It shouldn’t have, but there wasn’t any real help available – just the same old failed Minnesota/AA/12 Step Model.

So what’s new?

Actually, over the 25 years that have elapsed since I muddled my way to a better life quite a bit has changed – not that you’d know it by visiting web sites or traditional programs or reading the industry hype.

But there have been advances in research and support and approaches. Among them:

  • Naltrexone for short term relief from cravings while you get your life reassembled;
  • CBT for managing emotions and behaviors;
  • Assertiveness training for balancing relationships;
  • Exercise and diet to combat depression;
  • Motivational enhancement options;
  • Social and Recreational support;
  • and so on….

The result is that with a little short term help in assembling these pieces into the mosaic of factors that will work for you, you can leave alcohol abuse behind without labels, tokens, meetings, or any other pressure to dumb yourself down to the lowest common cult denominator.

So the answer to the question?

Stopping with just a bit of short term help works far better than either doing it “on your own” or “going off to rehab”.

That appeals, doesn’t it? It would have to me. It’s what we offer, it’s what you want, so what’s stopping you? Don’t let a half century of mythology and treatment-mill con games keep you from getting what’s right for you. We offer you the short term help that works!

A Follow-up Note On “Luxury”

A few of last week’s readers objected to our inclusion of “luxury” in our list of reasons for coming to work with us. I confess that I wrote that section slightly tongue in cheek, but only slightly.

Over dinner recently our colleague Dr. Tom Horvath and I were discussing how people actually decide where to go for treatment. The sad part is that for the most part it’s the luxury of the place, not the effectiveness of the program.


Most people have been conned into believing that “rehab” is something that is either done “for you” or “to you”. Therefore, as long as you’re going somewhere for 30, 60, or 90 days to be fixed by the magic of the palms, pines, waves, vortex, or higher power, then you might as well indulge yourself in all of the amenities.

If that was actually the way it worked; that would make sense, and we’d offer the same.

But of course, as you know and we know, that’s not how “it” works, and it’s why those “luxury rehab” programs have dismal success rates – rates that are usually well below doing nothing.

Really, folks, it takes effort on your part to change long established, and, let’s face it, cherished habits. We have no objection to you being as frugal or as pampered as you wish and can afford, but there’s also your part to do, so the three of us can get you out of this mess. Real “rehab” is something we do with you – not “to” or “for” – which is why what you do here, with us for 5 days, and during the 3 months of follow-up, actually does work.

So, whether it’s the Best Western on PCH or Terranea Resort, whether you prefer to spent $100/night or $500/night it’s okay with us.

What we want you to remember is, that like alcohol abuse itself, this too is a choice, and the choices are always yours.

Once again! Powerless, diseased victim or fully healthy and completely recovered person? What’s your preference and whose number are you going to call?

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius and power. Begin it now.” ~ Goethe

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” ~ Walt Disney

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