Are you going to spend the rest of your life being a spectator or a participant?

When it comes right down to it, that’s the real choice. And the one that alcohol abuse is symptomatic of.

Those of us who are actually living our lives aren’t having problems with alcohol abuse.

An example? The Super Bowl is just ahead. The actual participants, the players, aren’t hanging out in the parking lot getting drunk at “tailgate” parties. Far from it. They are in top form as participants!

Are you actively participating in your life or passively watching it go by with a can of beer, glass of wine, or a couple of shots for company?

If you’re watching instead of doing – well you know what the problem is.

No, going to therapy or AA or Alanon isn’t doing something – it’s pretending to do something.

Getting a grip and getting a life – what many clients say is our “two step program” – is what allows you to leave your alcohol abuse behind.

Don’t you want to get back to actually living instead of dying on the sidelines?

Stuck In “Contemplation Hell”?

Whether it’s alcohol, smoking, weight, debt, or any of a number of other current realities we think we’d like to change, most of us spend a long time thinking about it before we actually do something about it – if we ever do.

As usual, the research is clear. Behavior change moves from Pre-Contemplation, some would say denial, to Contemplation, to Action.

Simply acknowledging a problem doesn’t fix it. And passively “contemplating” it – whether reading about it, going to therapy, joining AA or Alanon, or even reading our Newsletter – isn’t going to fix it either.

What does work? What are the necessary “actions”?

The answer is as simple as the process is complicated, but it comes down to actively exchanging new positive behaviors for old self-medicating and destructive ones.

Passively going to “treatment”, or AA, or doing endless “research”, while waiting for some miracle moment to occur? Doomed. Though you can fool yourself for awhile into pretending this is “doing something”.

It’s not.

And by the way – there are no magic bullets, pixie dust, or sure-fire painless programs that’ll do it for you – no matter how many traditional treatment programs promise otherwise.

That’s right. No one can do it “for you” or “to you” and only a very few of us actually know how to do it “with you”.

But when we do it with you, you won’t need us for long, you won’t get the destructive “Scarlet A” for Alcoholic as a lifelong label, and you will be RECOVERED – not “in recovery”!

No labels, no groups, no stigma, no steps, no losers, no living death.

Just a problem solved with justifiable pride and the “been there, done that” notation on alcohol abuse.

A Note:

Over $18 billion was spent of “rehab” in the U.S. last year, 99.9% collected by programs with a “success” rate of under 5%. Doing nothing has a success rate of over 30%.

I think that means we spent $18 billion to prevent people from recovering.

But that is the Minnesota 12 Step Business Model of “Treatment”.


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