Happy New Year!

And Now For Some Good News to Start Off 2011.

Changing Unwanted Behaviors For Good!

Most people are surprised to learn that changing negative behaviors doesn’t require rocket science, magic wands, or “Steps”.

Perhaps that’s because one of the most popular and least effective treatment methods is the Pixie Dust Method whereby Tinkerbell (or one of her minions) sprinkles you with her magic dust at the rehab center and you instantly quit drinking too much. Nothing else changes in your life, but the desire to overindulge just goes away and you live happily ever after.

We can see why this method is so popular, after all, who doesn’t want just that to happen to them? But, it isn’t the most realistic of scenarios. Most people drink too much for reasons that are quite obvious – things are not working well in their lives – and they want to medicate them away rather than fix them.

Same with the Pixie Dust Method – we want to sprinkle away the problems rather than fix them. Trouble is, it doesn’t work like that. Life tends to be messy and fixing problems can be hard work. But if you fix the real, underlying issues, you just might find that your life is better than it has ever been. That’s what we can help you do – and there is real magic in fixing things.

Just give us a call and let’s start sorting out the actual “magic” that really will have you leading a better life long before winter ends. Promise!

Changing Unwanted Behaviors For Good!

So what does it take, really? (Without pixie dust.)

It takes an understanding of how people actually change, not some “higher power” or membership in a cult – both of which are more apt to prevent you from changing.

It does take accepting reality. We know, that’s not a popular concept. But it does work.

Ok, seriously now, what does that entail?

First, accepting that all of our behaviors are choices – not diseases, or genetic inheritances, or the result of our awful childhoods. We will deal with awful childhoods in another newsletter.

The good news here is that choices can be unmade! They aren’t something you are stuck with! So get a grip here, people!

Second, for the most part, our choice to abuse alcohol makes logical sense – we do it because it works!

The trouble is, it only works in the short run, measured in hours, and the negative consequences soon outweigh the benefits.

Third, alcohol abuse is a symptom!

That means if you address the causes you will eliminate the abuse, and if you don’t, you won’t. That’s one place, among many, where traditional treatment fails, confusing cause with effect.

Fourth, real change comes about when you are motivated, get real short term help, and have good support.

Does it surprise you to learn the typical treatment programs won’t help you with any of these components?

But we do help you with these things, which is why our clients’ success rate is about 70% rather than the 5%, or less, traditional programs offer.

We could go on, but we’re sure you get the picture. Now the question is, do you want to be a powerless victim leading an alcohol-focused life, or a fully adult person who has left alcohol abuse behind for good?

It is your choice, you know.

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