It’s another week and, as always, life surprises us too. Another week of working with really great clients solving new problems, discovering new solutions, marveling at the shared adventure of creating options where none seemed to exist.

This past week gave us a rare opportunity: the chance to spend a week with a couple designing ways to navigate a series of life-changing goals. It was a marvelous five days of focus, good will, good humor, and an example of what can be managed when we can all work together towards a common end.

The additional treat, of course, is that we’ll have the opportunity to continue this collaboration with the 12 weeks’ of conference calls that our program includes. We feel very honored by our clients and blessed as well by the remarkable individuals you all are and are becoming.


It’s an issue for most of us, and should be. Particularly when you’re looking for some help with an alcohol problem you need to be very careful not to generate a paper trail, or exposure, that will come back to haunt you.
It’s one of the reason we don’t accept insurance. Most people think that medical insurance records are confidential. They aren’t. Any notation that indicates alcohol abuse will seriously compromise your ability to get health or life insurance in the future.
Increasingly, insurance records are also screened by perspective employers, and lenders. Insurance companies also provide information on candidates at election time.

Even if we thought that residential programs or groups were effective – and we don’t – we wouldn’t expose clients to the risks of exposure both settings create. You don’t need to worry about being “outed” by other clients or staff.

That happens in every program from the exclusive $67,500/month Malibu resort models down to your neighborhood AA meeting.

Many of our clients report being appalled by the risks such associations pose – especially since most of you have alcohol abuse problems, not alcohol dependence or alcoholism and all of these programs and groups will automatically get you permanently lumped into the latter.

Please don’t make expensive permanent mistakes now that will haunt you in the future!

Tools We Use

We see that many of you have downloaded our “triple threat”: Cost Benefit Analysis tool; Long Term Goal Planner; and Weekly Planner. All three are still available for at:

Resources For You!

All three work best when you refer to them frequently; update them often; and focus of positives!!!! Forget that negative old 12-Step “disease” and “”powerless” nonsense.

The EOC Institute relaxation CDs continue to be a good and popular alternative to alcohol for a quick, handy, and effective way to relieve anxiety and relax. We don’t endorse all of their claims, but we do use the CDs to quiet those anxiety attacks that intrude into our lives.

And a final resource – you can even call us!! One of us answers the phone personally unless we are in session (or the restroom). Even on the weekends (from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific time).

We think you deserve our personal and professional attention so there’re no answering services, volunteers, “lifers” or other intermediaries. If we don’t answer, leave a message. we’ll usually be able to get back to you within an hour.

Call! No cost. No sales pitch. No pat answers. No sure-fire “program.” Just a consultation about your particular situation, options, and real possibilities.